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    Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson
    published in 2011; 530 pages

    'A creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionised six industries: personal computers, music, phones, tablet computing, digital publishing and animated movies'. the last one made me pick this book up. kept away from my usual habit of underlining in red ink, writing on the margins and sticking post-it notes on the pages... still couldn't keep away from highlighting 5 slices:

    pg. no: 95
    Steve Jobs's attitude toward wealth was complex. He was an anti-materialistic left liberal hippie who capitalized on the inventions of a friend who wanted to give them away for free, and he was a Zen devotee who made a pilgrimage to India and then decided that his calling was to create a business.

    pg. no: 211
    Jobs believed in an end-to-end integration of hardware and software, which led him to build a machine that was not compatible with others. Bill Gates believed in, and profited from, a world in which different companies made machines that were compatible with one another; their hardware ran a standard operating system (Microsoft's Windows) and could use all the same software apps such as Word and Excel.

    pg. no: 281
    Job's did not have Gate's philanthropic impulses nor the competitive urge to see how high on the Forbes list he could get. Instead his ego needs and personal drives led him to seek fulfillment by creating a legacy that would awe people. A dual legacy: building innovative products and building a lasting company.

    pg. no: 369
    One of the beauties of Job's end-to-end strategy was that sales of songs on iTunes would drive iPod sales, which would drive Macintosh sales. What made it all the more infuriating to Sony Corporation was that they could have done the same, but they never could get their hardware and software and content divisions to row in unision.

    pg. no: 416
    Jobs refused such trappings as having 'Reserved for CEO' parking spot, but he assumed for himself the right to park in the handicapped spaces. He wanted to be seen (both by himself and by others) as someone willing to work for $1 a year, but he also wanted to have huge stock grants bestowed upon him. Jangling inside him were the contradictions of a counterculture rebel turned business entrepreneur, someone who wanted to believe that he had turned on and tuned in without having sold out and cashed in.

    pg. no: 448
    At one point the pulmonologist tried to put a mask over his face when he was deeply sedated. Jobs ripped it off and mumbled that he hated the design (of the mask) and refused to wear it. Though barely able to speak, he ordered them to bring five different options and he would pick a design he liked. He also hated the oxygen monitor they put on his finger. He told them it was ugly and too complex. He suggested ways it could be designed more simply.

    pg. no: 506
    Jobs realized that he was facing the type of problem that he never permitted at Apple. His treatment was fragmented (like Microsoft products) rather than end-to-end integrated (like Apple products). Each of his myriad maladies were being treated by different specialists - oncologists, pain specialists, nutritionists, hepatologists, hematologists; but they were not being coordinated in a cohesive approach. His nutrition was something these specialists together could not find a solution to.

    had seen the movie by Danny Boyle but have to say, the movie doesn't capture this man in his totality and brutality... this book is not your usual 'commissioned to write me good' type of works... yes, it was commissioned by Jobs himself but has really torn the guy to shreds regarding his relationships... a must must must read for anyone who appreciates creativity and; has ever used a computer... maybe for the first time in my life, I completed the last page of a book and then went back straight to the first page and started to read it again... this time though I won't be so lenient with those red inks, margin writings and post-it notes.
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    Vayalar award for K.V. Mohan Kumar’s ‘Ushnarashi’

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    Manushyanu Oru Aamugham (2010) - Subhash Chandran
    2011 Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, 2011 Odakuzhal Award
    2012 FOKANA Award, 2012 Basheer Puraskaram, 2012 Kovilan Puraskaram
    2014 Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award
    2015 Vayalar Award

    2013-il ee pusthakam vaangichathaanu... annu aaveshathode vaayichum thudangiyathaayittu orkkunna... aadyathe 50 pageil evideyo oru chapter entho vaayichittu manasilakaanjittu pusthakam madakkivechathaayittum orkkunnu... shesham kazhinja divasamaanu veendum oru parishramam nedathiyathu...

    perumthachante naadaaya uliyanoorinodu chernnozhukkunna periyaarinte akkara sthithicheyyunna thachanakkara. raajabharanakaalathu pattinimaranathinu marathil thoongi shiksha anubhavikkendi vanna ayya pillaiyude shareerathile maasam kotthaan vanna kazhukkanmaare aatti payichathinte peril kudumbathinu ayyattumbilli ennu peru veenu. ayyapillaiyude makan narapillaikku gandhiji adwaitha aashramathil ezhava sanyaasiye sandarshichithu ottum rasichilla. kullakadavil nananjukulichu kayariya kunjuammayude shareera vadavukalil aakarshithanaaya narapillai avare vivaaham kazhichu. kuttikaalathe poshaka ahaarathinte kuravukaaranam chuvanna ishtika kallukal adupathu vevichu thinnirunna bhaaryayodu aadya raathriyil thane enthinu ishtapettu ennu narapillaiyude chodhyathinu, nair sthreeyude uttharam, gurudevante sheriperaaya narayana ennalle narapillaiyude perennu paranjappo karnoru njetti. avide thudangi charithram. nellu alakkunna para vechu panam alakaanulla sambathum, vivarakedum, jaathiyude abhimaanavum illathe pathaayathilum, kaamasughangalkku pelayathipennine chaaypilum sookshichiruna narapillaikkum gurudevaneyum ayyankaliyeyum chattambi swaamikaleyum communist nethaakaleyum aadharichirunna kunjuammakku makkalu janichathu 6 peru. thanthe thallukem chotthi pennine vivaaham kazhikkuvem veettil ninnu irangipovukem cheytha school masha govindan, kuttikaalathu chumachumaricha pankajakshan, abadhathil police-il chernna thachanakkarayile aadyathe policekaaran padmanabhan, chenninaayakam koduthu mulakudi mattendivanna viplavakaari chandran, thudarcha aayi garbham alasipokunna thankamma, vaiki rithumathi aaya chinamma, avarude randuperudeyum communist bharthaakanmaar aaya kumaranum chandranum. marumakkathaayam thirobavichathode ayyatumbilliyude chuttum veedu vechu thaamasam thudangiya ivarude kadhakal aanu pinnangottu. koodathe vichitrajeevikal aaya kure thachanakkara natukaarum, avarude vichitramaaya enna parichithamaaya swabhaavangalum avare kadannupokunna keralathile charithra sambhavangalum...

    upayogichirikkunna bhaasha, narma kalarnnu vishadaamshangal, kurikkukollunna nireekshanangal...
    classic! must-read! verutheyalla kendravum keralavum vayalarum nediyeduthe...
    vaayikkaan ithrem vaikipoyallo ennathil chammalu thonni, ippozhenkilum vaayichallo ennathil santhoshavum...

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    kendra sahitya akademi award + kerala sahitya akademi award + vayalar award - 5 krithikal:
    1. AGNISAKSHI - Lalithambika Antharjanam
    2. GURUSAGARAM - O.V. Vijayan
    3. ALAAHAYUDE PENMAKKAL - Sarah Joseph
    4. MANUSHYANU ORU AAMUGHAM - Subash Chandran
    5. AARACHAAR - K.R. Meera

    kendra sahitya akademi award + kerala sahitya akademi award - 1 krithi maathram:
    1. SMAARAKASHILAKAL - Punathil Kunjabdulla

    kendra sahitya akademi + vayalar award - 3 krithikal
    1. AVAKASIKAL - Vilasini
    2. THATTAKAM - Kovilan
    3. ADAYALANGAL - Sethu

    kerala sahitya akademi award + vayalar award - 3 krithikal
    1. INI NJAN URANGATTE - P.K. Balakrishnan

    funny thing is, oru worknu onnil kooduthal award enna record malayathile ekaalatheyum mikacha writers ennu parayapedunna MT, Uroob, Thakazhi, Mukundan ennivarkku kittiyittilla... ennaa MT and Thakazhi have the record of getting Jnanpith, Kendra Sahityam (KAALAM, CHEMMEN), Kerala Sahityam (NAALUKETTU, ENIPPADIKAL) and Vayalar (RANDAMOOZHAM, KAYAR)... other funny thing is, the work considered to be a trailblazer in malayalam literature, O.V. Vijayan's KHASAKKINTE ITHIHAASAM failed to win any of these awards
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    Tsundoku is acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them.
    The term originated in the Meiji era as Japanese slang. It combines elements of tsunde-oku and dokusho.

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    Paulo coelhoyude hippy vayichu ..oru docu fiction narration about that historical time+His own experience as a hippy start cheythu patiye spiritual ideas especially sufist ideas discuss cheyunnu novel..his journey to Nepal in magic bus and how it ended on Nepal ennathanu plot...oru alchemist kind fictional narrative alla hippyude a time historical and political situations oeka anu first oru pure work on hippy ideology or spiritual path find cheyunnu protagonist kind plot onnum alla..

    Another thing is novelinte last portionsil he chooses sufist path.novel end cheyunathum ingane anu...but an addition a letter has attached..athil Paulo parayunnund after some years he left out that ideology ennu...but in between what happens ennathanu readersine more curious akunath .I don't know ingerude mattethelum works e period one reflect cheyunnundo ennu.A good weekend read ayirikum..Istanbul portions Kollam :)

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    Read translated english version of critically acclaimed Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco.

    set as a detective novel in the mid 1300s in an abbey in North Italy, the book investigates murders in the abbey. a lot of detail about the lifestyle of the time and christian theology during that period focusing on the poverty of the church and poverty of Jesus is delved into.

    The book is slow, deviates at multiple places (though some things are connected in the end), and the murder investigation is also unimpressive. On the positive side the life during that period in an abbey is portrayed well and the theological aspects are nicely done.

    Overall i fond the book underwhelming. those interested in medieval European christian theology may give it a try.

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    MEESHA - S. Hareesh

    kottayam jilla neendoor, kaippuzha (ezhuthukaarinte naadu) aanu kadhayude setting... varaalum paral meenukalum niranja kaayalukalum thodukalum varambukalum niranja naadu... onnaam lokamahaayudha avide thamaasicha peleya christiani vaavachan, komban aanayude kombu vannathil randu vashathekkum valarnna meeshyayude peril, naattukaar avane vilichirunnathu meesha ennaayirunnu... ezhuthachante rajappaattu naadakathil ‘pulayan police’ aayittu thattel kayari kannu chuvappichu, meesha pirichu janangale nokki ‘da’ enna alariya divasam muthal nattukaarkku meesha vaavachan oru pedi aayi maari.... aazhchayil moonum naalum divasam muzhupattini kidannittulla meesha, naadaka sanghathil thaamasicha divasangalil chittayaayi bhakshanam kittiyathode, veedum koodum vittu bhakshanam thedi naadumuzhukke alayaan thudangi... pulayanmaaril oruthan aadyamaayittu niyamavirudhamaayi meesha valarthi naattukaare pedippikkunnu, moshanangalum kuttangalum nadathunnu, odividya prayogikkunnu ennokke nattile nair pramani aaya shekharanpillai paranjathu anusarichu kaippuzha pakuthi paarvathyaar sankunni menon paraathi nalkiyathine thudarnnu meeshaye pidikoodaanulla paripaadikal thudangi... parichayam illaathavarku meesha oru pedi aarunne, parichayam ullavarkku avanoru albhutham aayirunnu... athil chilaraayirunnu lukkaa mappila, veluthaadathi kaathu, kuttan ashaari, special police inspector thanulingam nadar, chetthukaaran machon...

    samaanyam nallapore bore adichu... short story writer aadyamaayittu novel ezhuthiyathinte aano ennariyilla, otthiri cheriya kadhakal aanu novel motthavum... athoru prashnamalla... meesha enna kadhapaathrathiloode avare connect cheyaan shremichittumundu... pakshe vaayikkunna nammukoru finishing thonnilla.... pinne enthavaa, prakrithi, pakshikal, mrigangal, sthalakaala vivarangalum vivaranangalum, ithokondu sambannamaanu ee krithi... athukondu thanne, parayunnathil swayam lajja thonnunenkilum parayatte, idakkokke vaayikkave urakkam vannupoyi.... fantasy elements kureyundu... thaayoli, mairan vaakukal kureyundu... sthree mulakalude varnanayum kureyundu... overall, disappointed...

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    കേരള സാഹിത്യ അക്കാഡമി അവാർഡ് നേടിയ എസ്. ഹരീഷിന്റെ "ആദം" എന്ന ചെറുകഥ വായിച്ചു. "ആദം" മാത്രമല്ല നിര്യാതരായി,ചപ്പാത്തിലെ കൊലപാതകം,മാന്ത്രിക വാൽ,കാവ്യമേള,ഒറ്റ എന്നീ കഥകളും വായിച്ചു. ആദ്യമായാണ് ഹരീഷിനെ വായിക്കുന്നത്. നേരത്തെ "മീശ" വായിച്ചു,ചില കാരണങ്ങളാൽ പകുതിക്ക് നിർത്തിയിരുന്നു.(ഉടനെ തന്നെ മുഴുവൻ വായിച്ചു തീർക്കാൻ പ്ലാൻ ഉണ്ട്).

    അപ്പൊ പറഞ്ഞു വന്നത് വേറൊന്നുമല്ല, ആദം നന്നായി ഇഷ്ട്ടപെട്ടു. കഥ പറച്ചിലും എല്ലാം നന്നായി. നല്ല ഒരു അടുപ്പം തോന്നി ആ കഥയോടും ആദം എന്ന തെരുവ് പട്ടിയോടും. ഹരീഷിന്റെ മറ്റു കഥകളും കൊള്ളാം. "ഒറ്റ" വല്ലാതെ "haunt " ചെയ്യുന്ന ഒരു എഴുത്താണ്*. അത് പോലെ "നിര്യാതരായി" എന്ന കഥയും.

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