Family matters
Author : Rohinton Mistery

It was a random pick. Believed my gut and it turned out to be something that I have always been itching to read.
Life of Parsies.

Oru dysfunctional Parsi familyil annu kadha nadakunathu.
Bombay in early 90ies.
Nariman vakeel is aging and suffers from parkinson disease. He lives with his step daughter coomy and step son jal. Oru accidentil mooparu bed ridden avunnu.
Step children packs him off to his biological daughter, Roxona,who lives in a tiny flat with her husband and two sons, as they do not want carry the burden of nursing Vakeel.
Appan varunathode raxonayude family lifeil thaala pizha undavunnu....
The book majorly looks through the life of Nariman family.
Nariman, Jal, Coomy,Roxona, yazad (hubby), two sons, murad and jehanghir.
Plot valare basic annu.....but Mistry has dived deep into Parsi life and lot of emotional investment have gone into the characters.
Parsi lifestyle... Avarude kaazhchapaadu... Ethu ellam nalla vrithi ayi present cheythitundu.

I loved the book.... Soothing read.
Sort of characters that would hang around for next few days.

Parsikal next 30-50yrsil extinct avum enna parayunathu