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    Two priests, a queen, a pope and a book

    The book that Paremmakkal Thomman Kathanar began to write in 1785 describing his travel to Lisbon and Rome is an unputdownable read for anyone interested in history
    അന്നേക്കും ഇന്നേക്കും അവസാനം ശ്വാസം വരേക്കും വാമോസ് അർജന്റീന

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    azheekode mash poyittu 9 kaalathum pothu rangath ingerolam oru vaccum aarum sristichilla ... maash nammmude shawyum,satreyum ellaam aayirunnu ..

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    BURNT SUGAR (also published as Girl in White Cotton): A first person narrative about a young woman, Antara, a artistic photographer who lives in Pune with her US educated husband. She starts off by saying her mother is finding it tough to live... and she has no sympathy for her. The mother, Tara, was a libertine. She left her husband when she could not handle it anymore, then lived as mistress to a Baba (modeled on Osho) who finally got tired of her, got into a relationship with a wandering artist and finally lives all alone after which she gets struck by Alzheimers. The plot might seem so languid and familiar but it is the writing that is captivating. The character of Antara is really complex. Its like, she is really happy when she is having lunch with her friends and family, an event that is supposed to go nice and is actually nice, but right in the middle of that, she would hate the whole thing... and the funny thing is, we are with her when she says she feels happy and we are also with her when she says she feels repulsion, because at both times her reasons are justified and the writing till then and that follows is structured so, we will not feel betrayed or confused. A brilliant work on the mental anguish of a person who has seen so many lowdowns in her life that she has ended up confused about herself and her emotions.
    അന്നേക്കും ഇന്നേക്കും അവസാനം ശ്വാസം വരേക്കും വാമോസ് അർജന്റീന

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    Book sales defy pandemic to hit eight-year high

    More than 200m print books were sold in the UK last year, the first time since 2012 that number has been exceeded, according to an estimate from official book sales monitor Nielsen BookScan.
    അന്നേക്കും ഇന്നേക്കും അവസാനം ശ്വാസം വരേക്കും വാമോസ് അർജന്റീന

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