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    abhishek singhvide from the trenches vaayichirunnu, biography alla his take on legal and social issues of india. writing smooth aanu and deep.

    np rajendrante kore pathrakaathal vaayichirunnu- title pole thanne pathram aapeeslem journasitukaldem kore sambhavangal aanu..50s thudangi ee aduthu vareyulla pala incidents rasakaramayi paranju poyittundu.

    balachandran chullikkadnte chidambarasmarana kurachu naalu munpu vaayichirunnu. must read book aanu ketto. kavitha mathralla gadyavum assal aaytu vazhangunnundu chullikadnu.
    yes .. chullikadinte kidu writing aanu .. ithu pole istaya vere onnayirunnu kaviyide kaalpadukal by pk .. chidambaram anubavngal aanel mattethu oru artisitinte restleness and soulful attitudine kurich aayirnnu ..

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    read derek obriens In parliament. started pretty well discussing the inside parliament moments, then lost focus and started discussing more about mamta didi trinamool and how much they changed bengal.
    some titbits from the book. congress members sits wherever seat is available in the parliament whereas bjp prefers an enclave to the left of the central hall. always as a team. when gst was first announced bengali sweets sandesh, rasagulla attracted 5 percent tax while mishti dahi attracted 18 percent. barfi at 28 percent. when people protested to this centre relented and clarirfied all sweets would be charged 5 percent.
    overall an ok book

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