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Thread: Mr. B Unnikrishnan - Visits FK and answers FKites queries. See Page 11

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    Hallo Unnikrishnan sir, Welcome to ForumKerala. Thaangal kooduthalum cheythittu ullath Political/Action movies aanu. Thaangalude Samvidhaanathil oru humor based padam pratheekshikaamo? Also Thaankalude ith vare ulla chitrangalil thaangalku ettavum ishtapetta Gaanam ethanu?
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    sir, my question is , in all of your previous ventures you,yourself handling the script future there is any chance to consider the scripts from other writers? how will you encourage new writers and people whoever wants to enter in to the field of direction? if you will get a thrilling story from outside ,you will make a film with that script?

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    why pramani after madambi??.............

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    Hi sir welcome......
    My qn.
    Your two recent films (except the movie in Kerala cafe) are told in a backgorund of a village... and in The Thriller you have changed your track? why?
    second qn..
    you worked with all the three superstars... what difference you have found in these superstars?

    Which are the new movies in pipeline?

    Did you faced any writers block or any other problems during the shooting of your films?
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    Hello Sir..Pretty much privileged to have you in our hot seat..!!

    1. a) What's your comment on all the hoopla revolving the plot of your latest movie 'The Thriller'?
    b) What sort of an effect does it make on a yet to be released movie - Favorable or adverse?
    c) In your opinion, should the writers and film makers be given liberty to come up with their own investigation regarding case files that haven't been yet closed (ref: Crime File)?

    2. What is your opinion regarding the astronomical rise in satellite right rates? The latest buzz is that your new movie has fetched around 1.42 crores, breaking some existing records. Shouldn't this be a wake up call for our potential film makers? Else in the future, will they give more priority to satisfy the household viewers better than its theatrical run and revenue?

    3. These days, instead of speaking on cinema and related attributes, our film makers (be an actor, technician, producer, distributor, exhibitor or even a labourer) have nothing to say other than their uncertainties in the field of cinema. In your opinion, does this sort of an uncertainty really exist? Don't you think our aspirant new bloods may become more hesitant to step in if such a hostile situation prevails hereafter?

    4. How did you feel when 'Annu Mazhayayirunnu' was flooded with more than 5 sate awards? It gained you 100 times better repute than what you had gathered from the film industry till then. However, we couldn't find any of such endeavors later on the miniscreen other than being a judge in Best Citizen Journalist. Why? Can we expect another one in the near future?

    5. Other than 'Cover story', you haven't dealt with a movie exclusively for the press. Do have any of such pipe dreams?

    Thank You very much Sir..Eagerly waiting for the release of 'The Thriller'..!! All the best.
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    Dear Sir,
    Welcome to FK...

    My Question is..
    Do u propose to write script for other directors? What is ur next project?
    A Proud fan of Mammookka....!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saaradhi View Post
    Hi sir,, Happy to see u here, my first question is.....

    U made films with all superstars like mohanlal,mammootty,suresh gopi, even now with prithvi, do u think that the superstardom is a barrier to make a realistic movie???
    Well, the answer is both yes and no; the very concept of the superstar itself is very unrealistic and "larger than life." So when you make a film relying on the super star value( an imaginary value), the film becomes unrealistic. But our superstars are great actors too. if you make use of them that way, you end up making a "realistic' ( again, a dubious category) film.

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    Dear Unnikrishnan Sir..

    I like both your movies Madambi, Pramani...But why did u think of making Pramani in the same style and story of Madambi? Didn't you notice the similarity of the two movies or did u find them as two different type of movies...

    This is for my own TV thread... Which channel has bought your movie Pramani and upcoming movie Thriller??

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    Welcome to Forum kerala.
    All the best for your new project thriller

    Madamabiyil ulla.. fan base aya..(parunthinte chirakarium polathe dialogues)vendayirunnu ennu pinnedeppolenkilum thonniyittundo?

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    Hi Unni Sir,

    Malayala Cinemak innu pazhaya avesham prekshakanil ethikkan patunnilla ennath satyam alle?

    Ente kudumbathinte cinema abhiruchi mariyath "Fans Associations" sajeevamayathinu sesham aanu ennu vyakthamayi parayan kazhiyum.

    Cinema "fans'inu vendi matram aayathode sadharana prekshakanu malayala cinemayodulla avesham nasichu.

    Thara aradhanayude athiprasaram prekshakane matram alla, tharangaleyum ningale pole ulla cinemapravarthakareyum badhichu ennu paranjal nishedhkkan akumo?

    Innu fans Associations aanu tharangale polum niyantrikkunnath ennu thonniyittundu. Thara aradhanaye ethirkkunnilla. Pakshe malayalaiyude thara aradhana samskaram vikalam aanu. vidwesham, veruppu thudangiya adhama vikaranagal aanu Fans Associations padarthunnath. Enthinu thanakalude chinthaseshiye polum athu badhichille? Madampiyile anavashyamaya velluviikal FANS enna oru vibhagathinu vendi aayirunnille? Swantham srushiyodu cheytha aparadham alle athu?

    "Madhyavayskar" aaya "avivahithan" aaya nayakanmarude madambitharangalum pramanitharavum okke srushtichukondirikkunna thankal ithinu enthu nyayeekaranam aanu nalkuka?

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