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Thread: Mr. B Unnikrishnan - Visits FK and answers FKites queries. See Page 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by samsha22 View Post
    Hi Mr.Unnikrishnan, welcome to Forum Keralam.
    Of your scripts,my favourite movie is "The Tiger". Where did you get the spark of that script from? was it inspired from any real life incidents?
    No....fiction, pure fiction

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    Welcome to FK.
    Q: What makes the Angry, Cynical Cop a safe brand of heroism in our cinema? Do you find it ironic that we like Him for the values He represents but love Him when He himself flouts rules to trash his superiors or belittle women with sexist remarks? Is He not a vent for our (the viewers') own lawless, chauvinistic traits, passed off as cool and anti-establishment?
    The original.

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    Do you think its a Good habit that Writers Turned into Director ?.

    The current trend is after 1-2 films all writers turning to direction, we have lot of examples, in our view ( Film Lovers), this is the main struggle of Malayalam films. what's your opinion about this ?.

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    hi sir welcome to FK

    1999 il jalamarmaram enna cinemakku best screen play award kittiya oraalaanu thaankal
    annum mazhayayirunnu , antharangal enniva best telefilmukalkumula awardukalum nediyittundu

    pakshe thaankalude cinemakalil suspensum actionum aanu kooduthal.. mel paranja ganathil pedunna oru cinema aduthu thanne pratheekshikaamo??
    "ഉറക്കമില്ലാത്ത രാത്രികൾ എതിരാളികൾക്ക് സമ്മാനിച്ച് മലയാള സിനിമ എന്ന ഇട്ടാവട്ടത്തു നിന്നും മണിരത്നത്തിന്റെ ഭാഷയിൽ പറഞ്ഞാൽ നാഷണൽ സ്റ്റാർ ആയി പൃഥ്വി വളർന്നു."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brother View Post
    Welcome to Forum kerala.
    All the best for your new project thriller

    Madamabiyil ulla.. fan base aya..(parunthinte chirakarium polathe dialogues)vendayirunnu ennu pinnedeppolenkilum thonniyittundo?
    Frankly, I never wanted to write it. Some circumstances, entirely personal, compelled me to write it. Can I say, I regret doing it. Fortunately the "affected people--Mammukka, Padmakumar and T A Rasak-- are greater than me and they all remained my great friends even after the movie:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    Hi Mr. Unnikrishnan, Wishing all the very best and all success for you and Thriller. Eagerly waiting for Thriller. Posters all adipoli..

    One of my fav. character is Solomon in Vargam. Love to see a simillar firebrand role of Prithvi. Can i expect a simillar role in Thriller?
    Just wish me luck and lets hope for the best

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    Welcome to FK sir.

    Madambi & Pramani were like twin films (similar in approach & packaging).
    Why do you reckon one succeeded while the other failed?

    What did you learn from that experience and how will that benefit you in the future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krrish View Post
    Hallo Unnikrishnan sir, Welcome to ForumKerala. Thaangal kooduthalum cheythittu ullath Political/Action movies aanu. Thaangalude Samvidhaanathil oru humor based padam pratheekshikaamo? Also Thaankalude ith vare ulla chitrangalil thaangalku ettavum ishtapetta Gaanam ethanu?
    Oh, I love comedies. Ya, am doing a comedy next year> Rafi-Mercatin are writng for me. the movie will be produced by Vysakh Rajettan

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    Dear sir,

    In most of the FK discussions we members come into the consensus that 85-95 is the golden era of commercial movies...While blaming the current industry as deteriorating,is it also true that the audience standard is also stooping down?What is your comment?
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    You made a HIT with SureshGopi in IG
    Why not again Suresh Gopi in another police story Thriller. Suresh Gopi is a success formula for police movies
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