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Thread: Mr. B Unnikrishnan - Visits FK and answers FKites queries. See Page 11

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    sir..who has been ur rolemodel till this moment of your life??can u just explain why it has been so??

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    Welcome To forum Keralam Unni Krishnan Sir.

    Hope you will visit us whenever you get time.

    Any special message to all Forum Keralam members ? (Something which has always motivated you in life ?)

    Good luck with all your future ventures, looking forward to it.
    Onam movies *



    BROTHERS DAY - 2.5 / 5

    LOVE, ACTION, DRAMA - Average: 2.5 / 5

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    Hello Sir,

    Do you have any dream project in your mind?

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    What are some of your favorite movies in other languages?

    "Malayalam film industry is today faced with an alarming lack of creativity." - Dr. Iqbal Kuttippuram

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    An interesting question on behalf on all FKites,

    If anyone of us approach you with a good one line story script, could you spend some time to discuss?

    On your films, I liked the climax combination scene of Madambi (Lal-KPAC Lalitha) scene a lot. Which is your favourite movie?

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    The Interview is Over

    Thank you sir for your valuable time

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    [ame=]YouTube - Mr.B Unnikrishnan.wmv[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saaradhi View Post
    Hi sir,, Happy to see u here, my first question is.....

    U made films with all superstars like mohanlal,mammootty,suresh gopi, even now with prithvi, do u think that the superstardom is a barrier to make a realistic movie???
    Well, the answer is both yes and no; the very concept of the superstar itself is very unrealistic and "larger than life." So when you make a film relying on the super star value( an imaginary value), the film becomes unrealistic. But our superstars are great actors too. if you make use of them that way, you end up making a "realistic' ( again, a dubious category) film.

    Quote Originally Posted by samsha22 View Post
    Hi Mr.Unnikrishnan, welcome to Forum Keralam.
    Of your scripts,my favourite movie is "The Tiger". Where did you get the spark of that script from? was it inspired from any real life incidents?
    No....fiction, pure fiction

    Quote Originally Posted by Brother View Post
    Welcome to Forum kerala.
    All the best for your new project thriller

    Madamabiyil ulla.. fan base aya..(parunthinte chirakarium polathe dialogues)vendayirunnu ennu pinnedeppolenkilum thonniyittundo?
    Frankly, I never wanted to write it. Some circumstances, entirely personal, compelled me to write it. Can I say, I regret doing it. Fortunately the "affected people--Mammukka, Padmakumar and T A Rasak-- are greater than me and they all remained my great friends even after the movie:)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    Hi Mr. Unnikrishnan, Wishing all the very best and all success for you and Thriller. Eagerly waiting for Thriller. Posters all adipoli..

    One of my fav. character is Solomon in Vargam. Love to see a simillar firebrand role of Prithvi. Can i expect a simillar role in Thriller?
    Just wish me luck and lets hope for the best

    Quote Originally Posted by Krrish View Post
    Hallo Unnikrishnan sir, Welcome to ForumKerala. Thaangal kooduthalum cheythittu ullath Political/Action movies aanu. Thaangalude Samvidhaanathil oru humor based padam pratheekshikaamo? Also Thaankalude ith vare ulla chitrangalil thaangalku ettavum ishtapetta Gaanam ethanu?
    Oh, I love comedies. Ya, am doing a comedy next year> Rafi-Mercatin are writng for me. the movie will be produced by Vysakh Rajettan

    Quote Originally Posted by Saathan View Post
    hello sir....

    my questions:

    why did you select Prithviraj for Thriller?

    I heard that Thriller releasing on oct 29th? If it is true it will clash with Amal Neerad’s Anwar which also have Prithviraj as hero. Do you think it is a good idea?

    what do you call yourself? writer or director?
    I wanted to do a cop movie with him, with a lot of action and music.
    Thriller's releasing date will be fixed only after taking into consideration all related factors.

    I am a split personality:) One of my favorite lines is by a great poet:" i contain multitudes"

    Quote Originally Posted by swiss banker View Post
    sir, my question is , in all of your previous ventures you,yourself handling the script future there is any chance to consider the scripts from other writers? how will you encourage new writers and people whoever wants to enter in to the field of direction? if you will get a thrilling story from outside ,you will make a film with that script?
    As I have already mentioned, Rafi Mercartin are writing for me. And, my next bi-lingual film is written by Anjali Menon

    Quote Originally Posted by Remz View Post
    Hallo Unnikrishnan sir, Welcome to ForumKerala

    * BIGM'S-ne vechu ini puthiya valla projectum ippo aduthenganum undavumo..?

    * Thilakanum FEFKA um ayittulla issue ellam theernno...??
    No...not soon....

    illaththa prasnangal theernoonu parayunnathil arthamillallo....

    Quote Originally Posted by Munaf Malaz View Post
    why pramani after madambi??.............
    In retrospect< it was a mistake...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
    Welcome to FK.
    Q: What makes the Angry, Cynical Cop a safe brand of heroism in our cinema? Do you find it ironic that we like Him for the values He represents but love Him when He himself flouts rules to trash his superiors or belittle women with sexist remarks? Is He not a vent for our (the viewers') own lawless, chauvinistic traits, passed off as cool and anti-establishment?
    Yes....your psycho-analytic reading touche upon a major truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by noushu View Post
    Do you think its a Good habit that Writers Turned into Director ?.

    The current trend is after 1-2 films all writers turning to direction, we have lot of examples, in our view ( Film Lovers), this is the main struggle of Malayalam films. what's your opinion about this ?.
    Why not? Only thing is that the writer who decides to be a director should do some learning before venturing into the final act.

    Quote Originally Posted by National Star View Post
    hi sir welcome to FK

    1999 il jalamarmaram enna cinemakku best screen play award kittiya oraalaanu thaankal
    annum mazhayayirunnu , antharangal enniva best telefilmukalkumula awardukalum nediyittundu

    pakshe thaankalude cinemakalil suspensum actionum aanu kooduthal.. mel paranja ganathil pedunna oru cinema aduthu thanne pratheekshikaamo??
    Of course. I am doing the masala stuff to make some money for making my kind of films. I will do such a film with my own money by the end of next year. And the film I am directing with Anjali's screenplay will be something different, though it's funny romance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sagar Alias Jacky View Post
    Welcome to FK sir.

    Madambi & Pramani were like twin films (similar in approach & packaging).
    Why do you reckon one succeeded while the other failed?

    What did you learn from that experience and how will that benefit you in the future?
    Guess i have answered this in another way,

    Quote Originally Posted by eyemax View Post
    Dear sir,

    In most of the FK discussions we members come into the consensus that 85-95 is the golden era of commercial movies...While blaming the current industry as deteriorating,is it also true that the audience standard is also stooping down?What is your comment?
    You said it....

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesbond007 View Post
    Seems very interesting project... Star cast aayo ?!
    No...yet to be finalised

    Quote Originally Posted by eyemax View Post
    Dear sir,

    In most of the FK discussions we members come into the consensus that 85-95 is the golden era of commercial movies...While blaming the current industry as deteriorating,is it also true that the audience standard is also stooping down?What is your comment?
    u said's so true....

    Quote Originally Posted by chandru View Post
    Sir sorry for being too much personal.. heard that u r a close relative of that true?
    True....infact I am his uncle:)

    Quote Originally Posted by kannan View Post
    Dear Mr. Unnikrishnan

    Pramaniyil Mamnte intro sceneil hero thozhikkunna can (cannas) move cheyyunnathu horizontal aaayanu ( its visible n d long shot). Next shotil 6 adi pokkamulla villante mukhathu pathikkukayum cheyyunnu. Itharam errors shradikkaarille?

    Arkum orutharathilum gunam cheyyaatha Pramani polulla cinemakal ozhivakkikoode. ?
    Those mistakes are to be averted. And, abt, Pramaani....In retrospect, i realise the film was a mistake, though i still like the way it posed politics and development at the Panjayat level.

    Quote Originally Posted by sethuramaiyer View Post
    Welcome B.Unnikrishnan to FK.

    Q) We heard news from many media websites that Pramani was profitable for producer? Was it a loss for distributors? Expecting a sincere answer.
    Producer made a big profit. The distributers incurred loss. But the producer shall be paying them back a decent sum this week.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shankar Das View Post
    sir thangalil nin puthumukangale vech oru film pratheekshikkamo..??
    Certainly u can expect....

    Quote Originally Posted by xyz View Post
    Hello Sir, Welcome to FK

    Why you are always attempting to make formula films? Are you not dare enough to come out of the box? Or do you want to play a secure game always?
    Guess i have answered this one also.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Inkal View Post
    Would you prefer jayaram or dileep for comedy films , if oppurtunity arrives?
    No...I will not

    Quote Originally Posted by Quixotic Legend View Post
    Ethu pole oru forum oru cinemayude vijayathinu sahaayakam aanu ennu thonniyittundo???
    I certainly believe forums like this are essential to the growth of any form of art.

    Quote Originally Posted by Salihi4u View Post
    hi.. sir
    welcome to FK
    saw ur Thriller"s stills..
    feels some scenes of BigB nd SAJ..
    why like that
    That is just a personal feeling. The film is entirely different from the cited films.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johny View Post
    oru ezhuthukaran samvidhayankante kuppayam aniyumpol,
    practically malayala cinemaykk oru ezhuthukarane koodi nashtamavukayalle....?

    directior, enna labelilil kazhivu theliyicha orupaad
    seniour directors nummuk undennnirikke..
    writtersinte ee chuvadumattam nalla cinemakal undakunnathinu thamsamakunnille...?

    enthaanu thangalude abhiprayam
    Gone are those times when the director is a non-writer....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bheeman Reghu View Post

    Wide Releasing Oru Cinemayude Vijayathinu Etra Matram Panku Vahikkunnundu...?

    Oru Intial Edukkuka Ennullathu Allallo Nammude Udhesham Padam Oduka Ennullathalle....

    Wide Releasing Kaaranam Pettanu Cinemakal Theateril Ninnu Povukayum Cheyyunnu...

    Enthanu Wide Relesine Kurichulla Abhiprayam.?
    Wide releasing oru thathvamenna nilayil angeekarikkappedanam. oru cinema evideyum release cheyyaamenkil. athu ethra stationsil release cheyyanamennathu nirmaathavinu viduka.

    Quote Originally Posted by xyz View Post
    Sure. Ofcourse you have to look after your family. At the same time as a film maker, you must be having some commitments towards the society and audience. Because they are your bread winners. So, we hope at any point of time you will repay it?
    I have already answered your question. I will be making my kind of cinema with my own money, knowing fully well that the money will be lost. I have done that. At a time when i was not financially comfortable, i invested the first advance i got from a producer in the film, JALAMARMARAM--my first screenpalay, which won me an award. Have u seen the film? no. Because there was no distributer to buy it. We travelled with the film carrying a video projector and showed it the people across the state. Annum Mazhayyayiruunnu, my tele-film which won many awards was also produced by me.
    And about repaying...I am not that romantic politically. When the great poet W B Yeats died---he had fought for Ireland's freedom---, another poet W H Auden wrote: Ireland has her weather and madness still, for poetry makes nothing happen.
    I am not a cynic; but, still. i believe we live in a time when art makes nothing happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by noonu View Post
    Dear Unni krishnan,
    Malayala cinema innu neridunna prathisanthikalude oru karanam ivideyulla cinema sangadayude thalapathirikunnaver anennulla sreenivasante nireekshanthe kurichu thankalude prathikaranam orikkal koodi fk kku vendi vykthamakkamo?
    No...i hve already spoken abt it in the media

    Quote Originally Posted by veecee View Post
    anya bhasha chitrangal 2 weeks kazhinje release cheyyan anuvadikullolo ennu parayunnathu balisham alle? whats your opinion on it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Inkal View Post
    Do you feel that malayalam films lack good music directors now?.. good melodies are rare now.. last ones were from your movie madambi.. (Amma mazhakkarinu...) why is this happening?..
    It all depends on how you elicit great music from the music director. I can assure you that thriller's songs will rock. Dharan is simply amazing....

    Quote Originally Posted by BALLU View Post
    thriller paul vada case ine base cheythu anu ennu parayunathu sheri ano?

    do u think it will hype the project?
    Hype or no hype, I am ruthlessly judged by the people. After the first show the film survives only if the people find it interesting.

    quote=Rachu;2492782]thaangalkku ettavum ishtapetta 5 malayalam cinemakalude peru parayaamo?[/quote]

    It's a random selection:

    Yavanika, Elippathayam, Oridaththoru phayalvaan, Chintavishtayaaya..., New Delhi, Manichitrathaazhu....the list is of course incomplete....

    Quote Originally Posted by roshanpeter View Post

    Hello Mr.Unnikrishanan....
    Kalakaran maarkku sanghadana ennullathinodu thaankal jojikkunnundo...?
    Kalakaaranu enthinaanu sanghadana...?

    Kalakaranmaarkku vilakkerpeduthunna nadapadiyodu thaankal jojikkunnundo....?

    Sanghadana venam. Cinema ettavum adhikam thozhil chooshanamulla idamaanu. Kalakkaranenthinanu sanghadana ennu thaankal chodikkunnathucharitramariyaathathu kondanu. Tagore, Vyloppilly, Basheer, Thakazhi...ivarellam sanghadanakalil veerode pravarthichavaraanu. ur question reveals a typical middle class stance that alienates the artist from the socio-political world and puts him/her in the freezer

    Quote Originally Posted by Day Dreamer View Post
    If Vinayan asks a script from you, will you give?
    I am too small...

    Quote Originally Posted by plk View Post u will once be capable of creating those extraordinary classic movies which were created in the 80's by our esteemed directors...something we miss these days..i mean do u really from ur heart believe that u can change the conventional malayalam cinema??
    No...I can' not that gifted....

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