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Thread: 📲📶🤳 Mobiles and Tabs : News and updates 🔋🔌

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    Default 📲📶🤳 Mobiles and Tabs : News and updates 🔋🔌

    Without Mobile phones, this world would have been so boring..
    Guys, i was looking for a thread which deals with Mobile phones and Tabs and the various apps..
    hence started this thread.. post ur views on mobile phones and Tabs u come across.. Also you can discuss about apps available across major mobile phone OS.. also add posts for the various softwares for mobile phones..
    Please be free to ask doubts regarding Mobile phones or apps.. we at Forumkerala would try to help you out..

    Now with the new generation Tabs , the world has become "smaller"..

    For those who want to read malayalam fonts on their phone, please follow these steps:
    1) install opera mini from the Google Play/Nokia Store..
    2) go to " opera:config " (In the address bar, type "opera:config" and press Enter)
    3) "use bitmap fonts for complex scripts" option will be "NO" change it to "YES"
    thats all....

    Those who would like to know more about mobile OS, can refer this.

    Nokia mobile phone pricelist

    Samsung mobile phone pricelist
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    Motorola launched dual-sim phones.. one model is QWERTY type priced around 5k..
    the other one is a touch phone with 3.2 MP camera, priced around 6.5k..
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    All the best for this thread......
    SPICE is about to launch a 3D phone....!!
    And it costs just around 4000 Rupees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NiJiN.C.J View Post
    All the best for this thread......
    SPICE is about to launch a 3D phone....!!
    And it costs just around 4000 Rupees.

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    Symbian OS - used primarily by Nokia
    Windows phone OS - developed by Windows and recently, Nokia made an agreement to use Windows OS in their phones
    Android OS - open source OS developed by Google
    iOS - developed by Apple
    Bada OS - developed primarily by Samsung
    Java-based OS - being used in low-end phones
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    spice nte QT44 dual sim starting range il ulla phone aanu ebay il just rs1390... with 1 year warranty

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    Motorola Dual SIM mobile phones Motorola has launched its first Dual SIM mobile phones . The Motorola Dual SIM mobile phones are Motorola EX115 and Motorola EX128. Motorola EX115 will also be known as Motorola EX112 at some places.
    The new Motorola EX128 is a full touchscreen display mobile phone .It will also feature GPRS/WAP,Bluetooth,and 3 mega-pixel camera.
    The new Motorola EX115 is a Dual SIM mobile with full QWERTY keypad .It will also feature FM Radio,Bluetooth,and USB.
    Along with the global competitors Nokia,Samsung,and LG , Motorola will also have to compete with the local Indian mobile brands like Micromax and Spice which have number of (almost all) Dual SIM mobile phones.

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    Nokia N Series mobile Price List

    • Nokia N900 mobile Price – Rs.24,000
    • Nokia N8 mobile Price – Rs.23,000
    • Nokia N97 Mini mobile Price – Rs.19,200
    • Nokia N97 mobile Price – Rs.23,000
    • Nokia N96 mobile Price – Rs.32,000
    • Nokia N86 8MP mobile Price – Rs.18,600
    • Nokia N85 mobile Price – Rs.20,500
    • Nokia N79 mobile Price – Rs.13,000

    Nokia XpressMusic mobile Price List

    • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic mobile Price – Rs.16,500
    • Nokia 5030 XpressRadio mobile Price – Rs.1,650
    • Nokia 5130 XpressMusic mobile Price – Rs.4,900
    • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic mobile Price – Rs.13,500

    Nokia Classic series Mobile Price List

    • Nokia 3720 classic mobile Price – Rs.10,000 (approx.)
    • Nokia 6303i classic mobile Price – Rs.6,000
    • Nokia 2730 Classic 3G mobile Phone Price – Rs.4,400
    • Nokia 6700 Classic mobile Price – Rs.11,600
    • Nokia 6303 Classic mobile Price – Rs.6,630
    • Nokia 2700 Classic mobile Price – Rs.3,750
    • Nokia 2323 Classic mobile Price – Rs.2,200
    • Nokia 2330 Classic mobile Price – Rs.2,700
    • Nokia 6208 Classic mobile Price – Rs.9,900
    • Nokia 6212 Classic mobile Price – Rs.9,500
    • Nokia 7310 Classic mobile Price – Rs.6,000
    • Nokia 6220 Classic mobile Price – Rs.16,900
    • Nokia 3110 Classic mobile Price – Rs.3,940

    Nokia Mid range mobile Price List

    • Nokia 3710 Fold mobile Price – Rs.7,000
    • Nokia 7230 mobile Price – Rs.6,000
    • Nokia 5235 mobile Price – Rs.8,800
    • Nokia 5233 mobile Price – Rs.6,500
    • Nokia 5230 mobile Price – Rs.7,500
    • Nokia 5530 mobile Price – Rs.10,500
    • Nokia 6760 Slide mobile Price – Rs.14,500
    • Nokia 6700 Slide mobile Price -Rs.9,500
    • Nokia 7210 Supernova mobile Price – Rs.4,700
    • Nokia 7610 Supernova mobile Price – Rs.8,900
    • Nokia 6260 Slide mobile Price – Rs.17,300
    • Nokia 3610 Fold mobile Price – Rs.6,795
    • Nokia 6210 Navigator mobile Price – Rs.14,000
    • Nokia 6300 mobile Price – Rs.6,500

    Nokia Entry Level mobile Price List

    • Nokia 1662 mobile Price – Rs.1,400
    • Nokia 1661 mobile Price – Rs.1,400
    • Nokia 1203 mobile Price – Rs.1,050
    • Nokia 1202 mobile Price – Rs.1,150
    • Nokia 1209 mobile Price – Rs.1,250
    • Nokia 1208 mobile Price – Rs.1,450
    • Nokia 1650 mobile Price – Rs.1,650
    • Nokia 2626 mobile Price – Rs.1,800
    • Nokia 2690 mobile Price – Rs.2,400
    • Nokia 1800 mobile Price – Rs.1,800
    • Nokia 1280 mobile Price – Rs.1,100
    • Nokia 1616 mobile Price – Rs.1,380
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    Nokia Dual SIM mobile price

    There are Dual SIM mobile phones in India from almost all the the local brand like the Micromax,Spice,Maxx,etc. and even the popular brand like Samsung and LG .There is a good demand of Dual SIM mobile phones in India.But the India’s most popular mobile phone brand , Nokia ,did not have any Dual SIM mobile phone .But now Nokia has announced its Dual SIM mobile phones Nokia C1 and Nokia C2 and that also at a very affordable price for the emerging markets like India.

    Running the Symbian Series 30 interface, the new Nokia C1-00 is a Dual SIM mobile phone featuring standby battery time of up to six weeks.It also features a flashlight and an FM radio with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The Nokia C1 is available in colours of blue, red, light grey and green.

    Nokia C2 is the dual SIM mobile phone. The Nokia C2 keep both SIM cards active; meaning calls and text messages can come to either number while the phone is on. One of the SIM card is hot-swappable , a feature unique to Nokia, meaning it can be removed and inserted when the phone is on.

    Nokia C2 Dual SIM mobile phone features :
    • Nokia Ovi Life Tools
    • Nokia Ovi Mail
    • Free Nokia Messaging
    • FM radio and music player
    • Expandable memory with micro-SD card up to 32GB.
    • Standby time of up to 16.5 days
    • VGA camera
    • Bluetooth
    • GPRS
    • Symbian Series 40 OS
    • Availability Colours : grey, black, magenta, dark blue or white.
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    good thread.....

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