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Thread: 📲🔐📶 Mobiles and Tabs : News and updates🔋🔌

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    Nokia 800 And 710 are now
    up for pre-order at the
    nokia priority dealers across
    the country

    Nokia Lumia 800 is arriving in
    India. The highly anticipated
    phone which was launched
    last month has stirred the
    curiosity of the mobile users
    across the country.
    According to recent news,
    the Nokia Priority Dealers
    have started taking pre-
    orders for both Nokia Lumia
    800 and 701. The users can
    simply visit the Nokia priority
    dealers and pay a booking
    amount of Rs 1,000 for both
    Lumia 710 and 800. The
    booking amount would vary
    from Rs 500 to Rs 3000 at
    different stores across the
    country. Announced last
    month both the smartphones
    are expected to hit the
    markets by the middle of
    Priced at Rs 29,000, Nokia
    Lumia 800 is a powerful
    device that bears
    resemblance to the Nokia N9.
    The Windows phone 7
    smartphone is embedded
    with strong 1.4 GHz processor
    and packs in an impressive 8-
    megapixel primary camera
    and Carl Zeiss optics lens for
    clear images. There is also a
    front facing camera for video
    chatting and calling. The
    device also sports a clear
    black 3.7-inch impressive
    touchscreen display,
    supporting 480 x 800 pixels
    resolution and comes with a
    NFC support. On the video
    front, the device doesn't fail
    to impress you either. With a
    720p HD video recording
    capabilities, 512 MB of RAM
    and a slew of exciting
    features it is not without a
    reason that CEO Stephon Elop,
    has branded it as the "first
    real Windows phone."
    Giving company to the Nokia
    Lumia 800 is the Nokia 710.
    Priced at Rs 19,000, the
    Lumia 710 is quite unlike its
    premium sibling.The major
    point of difference being the
    built. Lumia 710 supports a
    plasticky built, in fact from
    the rear battery cover, to the
    buttons below the screen,
    everything is plastic. The
    front of the device is
    dominated by a 3.7-inch
    ClearBlack display, while the
    the rear of the smartphone
    packs a 5-megapixel camera
    (no Carl Zeiss camera). The
    processor remains the same
    at 1.4GHz and features a
    expandable storage (up to
    8GB) via its microSD card
    slot.The device also comes
    preloaded with Nokia Drive
    navigation, the Nokia Music
    and Mix service, plus ESPN's
    Sports Hub.
    With Lumia 800 and 710,
    Nokia has definitely stepped
    up its game.  However
    competition is anything but
    easy with Nokia 800
    competing with BlackBerry
    Curve 9360,Samsung galaxy
    S2, Optimus 2X, BlackBerry
    Bold 3 9780, Dell Venue and
    Micromax A85 Superefone.
    Things are not rosy for Lumia
    710 either. The smartphone
    will be battling it out with
    Sony Ericsson Xperia active
    ST17i, Motorola Defy Plus,
    HTC ChaCha, Samsung Omnia
    W and HTC Radar.

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    Nokia X-5 stop cheytho ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZooZoo View Post
    Nokia X-5 stop cheytho ??
    it is not available in most of the stores..

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    Blackberry mobile conferencing 2.o

    for customers to manage
    conference calls on their
    BlackBerry smartphone with
    the release of BlackBerry
    Mobile Conferencing version
    This innovative and popular
    free app includes a number
    of enhancements, such as the
    ability to automatically turn
    an email thread into a
    conference call using the
    user’s conference bridge
    BlackBerry Mobile
    Conferencing automates
    tedious and error prone tasks
    such as dialing into a
    conference call that could
    include multiple main
    numbers, a conference ID
    and other codes, with a
    simple one-click “Join Now”
    prompt, as well as the ability
    to quickly reconnect if
    dropped from a conference
    The app also integrates with
    the BlackBerry Calendar
    allowing users to quickly and
    easily schedule and join
    conference calls directly
    from within the Calendar.
    Users can download
    BlackBerry Mobile
    Conferencing on BlackBerry
    App World, and
    organizations can
    automatically push the app
    to their users through
    BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
    New features of BlackBerry
    Mobile Conferencing version
    2.0 include:
    Turn An Email Thread into a
    Conference Call – BlackBerry
    Mobile Conferencing helps
    users instantly schedule a
    conference call from an
    email thread, with just a few
    clicks. The sender and
    recipients of the email are
    included as meeting
    attendees, the email subject
    becomes the user’s meeting
    subject and part of the email
    message is automatically
    copied into the invite for
    reference. Users can also add
    conference call details from
    a stored profile.
    Automatic Detection of
    Conference Call Details –
    Conference call information
    found in meeting invites in
    any calendar on the user’s
    BlackBerry smartphone is
    automatically recognized
    and set up for easy dial-in at
    the appointed time, helping
    the user stay organized and
    on time. In version 2, the
    engine that recognizes
    conference call details has
    been enhanced for improved
    Conference Call ID - Users can
    more easily keep track of the
    conference calls they’ve
    participated in. When the
    user joins a conference call,
    the meeting subject appears
    as the caller ID in the
    BlackBerry phone app. When
    the call is completed, the
    meeting subject appears in
    the user’s call log.
    Conference Profiles
    Increased to 10 – Users can
    instantly add preset
    conference call details to
    almost any meeting they
    schedule by selecting from
    up to ten stored profiles.
    Private Moderator Codes –
    Users can also keep
    moderator codes private.
    Invites sent using a preset
    conference profile include
    just the information
    participants need to join the
    call. If conference
    information found in a
    meeting invite is the user’s,
    the app accesses the stored
    profile to dial the user in as
    the moderator. The feature
    allows a meeting organizer
    to leave out the moderator
    code in an invite for privacy,
    without sacrificing the
    convenience of “Join Now”
    as the moderator, when the
    call arises.
    BlackBerry Mobile
    Conferencing can detect
    conference call details from
    most popular conferencing
    systems on the market and
    supports BlackBerry
    smartphones running
    BlackBerry 5 OS or higher.
    It is now available for
    download on BlackBerry App
    World. For more information,
    please visit

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitman87 View Post
    it is not available in most of the stores..
    y ? is it a good fone for girls?

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    Nokia has started rolling out new software update v1600.2479.7740.11451 for the Nokia Lumia 800 that brings performance and usability enhancements for the battery, voicemail notification and more.

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    [ame=]Book the Nokia Lumia 800 Now! - YouTube[/ame]

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    this phone will be available for around 29k

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    this phone will be available for around 19k

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    Hewlett-Packard said Friday it is making its webOS mobile operating system available to the open source community and changed course on plans to abandon making tablets based on the platform.

    HP will take another shot at making webOS tablets, most likely in 2013, Meg Whitman, the chief executive of the world's number one computer maker, said in an interview with technology blog TechCrunch.

    HP said it will continue to work on and support webOS, but the software platform will become open source, meaning that developers anywhere can tinker with it as they wish and it will be available for anyone to use free of charge.

    "WebOS is the only platform designed from the ground up to be mobile, cloud-connected and scalable," Whitman said in a statement.

    "By contributing this innovation, HP unleashes the creativity of the open source community to advance a new generation of applications and devices."

    Palo Alto, California-based HP announced in August it would stop making smartphones and tablet computers using the webOS software acquired from Palm in a $1.2 billion deal last year.

    Citing disappointing sales, HP announced on August 18 it was discontinuing the TouchPad, a tablet computer powered by webOS, just seven weeks after it hit the market.

    Two weeks later, HP said it planned one last production run of the TouchPad, which became a hot seller following a price cut from $499 to just $99 and the announcement that it was being abandoned.

    TouchPad was the top-selling tablet computer in the United States after Apple's iPad in the first 10 months of the year, market research company NPD Group reported last month.

    Whitman, who replaced Leo Apotheker as HP's chief executive in September, told TechCrunch that HP will likely develop webOS-powered tablets in 2013 and will "bet heavily" on tablets running Microsoft's Windows operating system.

    Making webOS open source naturally leads to HP making devices for the platform and operating an online shop selling third-party applications for webOS, according to Silicon Valley analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group.

    "The two fastest growing areas for personal technology are smartphones and tablets," Enderle said. "To make this viable, HP is going to have to play in those spaces."

    The analyst said he believed the webOS move held promise since the mobile operating system is well protected by HP's patent portfolio and licensing deals the company has with Microsoft.

    Google's open source Android operating system has been pounded with patent lawsuits from Apple and Microsoft, eating into its appeal for device makers despite the popularity of the platform.

    WebOS security also promised to stem the kinds of problems Android has had with computer viruses being hidden in third-party applications tailored for devices, Enderle said.

    "This is probably going to be a major portion of what defines her presidency at HP," Enderle said of webOS. "It has the makings of a signature project for Whitman."

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