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Thread: COPA America 2011

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    Default COPA America 2011

    2011 Copa América :

    The 2011 Campeonato Sudamericano Copa América, better known as the 2011 Copa América or the Copa América Argentina 2011, will be the 43rd edition of the Copa América, the main international football tournament for national teams in South America. The competition is organized by CONMEBOL, South America's football governing body, and will be held in Argentina from July 1 to July 24, 2011. The draw for the tournament was held in La Plata on November 11, 2010. The defending champion is Brazil. The highest finishing CONMEBOL team (other than Brazil) will earn the right to compete for the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup hosted by Brazil.

    Competing nations:

    Both Japan and Mexico were invited to join the ten CONMEBOL nations in the tournament.Following a proposal by UEFA regarding national teams competing in tournaments organised by confederations different than their own, it was reported on November 23, 2009 that the two countries might not be able to take part in the 2011 Copa América.However, on March 31, 2010, CONCACAF confirmed that Mexico will be allowed to send their 2012 U-23 Olympic Team, supplemented with five over-age players.
    Japan's participation was in doubt after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami,but the Japan Football Association confirmed on March 16, 2011 that they would participate.However, the Japanese FA later withdrew from the tournament on April 4, 2011 citing scheduling conflict with re-scheduled J. League matches.Following a meeting with the leadership of the Argentine Football Association, the Japanese FA decided to hold off on their final decision until April 15. The Japanese FA later announced on April 14 that they would compete in the competition using mainly European based players.The Japanese FA withdrew their team again on May 16 citing difficulties with European clubs in releasing Japanese players.On the next day, CONMEBOL sent a formal invitation letter to the Costa Rican Football Federation inviting Costa Rica as replacement.Costa Rica accepted the invitation later that day.

    Argentina (hosts)
    Brazil (holders)
    Costa Rica (invitee, replaces Japan)
    Mexico (invitee)

    Media coverage:

    It was announced that YouTube will be streaming the tournament to over 50 countries worldwide. - The Official Website of the Copa América 2011

    India : Neo Sports , Kolkata TV
    Middle East : Al Jazeera
    UK : ESPN

    Official Website :
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    Group A
    1 Argentina
    2 Bolivia
    3 Colombia
    4 Costa Rica

    Group B
    1 Brazil
    2 Ecuador
    3 Paraguay
    4 Venezuela

    Group C
    1 Chile
    2 Mexico
    3 Peru
    4 Uruguay

    Q1) A1 v BT1
    Q2) A2 v C2
    Q3) B1 v BT2
    Q4) C1 v B2

    Q1 v Q2
    Q3 v Q4

    Squad List :

    Brazil Squad:

    Argentina Squad from:
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    COPA – America 2011 Fixtures

    Day Date IST AM/PM Vs. Group
    Saturday 02/07/2011 06:15 AM Argentina Bolivia Group A
    Sunday 03/07/2011 00:00 AM Colombia Costa Rica Group A
    Monday 04/07/2011 00:30 AM Brazil Venezuela Group B
    Monday 04/07/2011 03:00 AM Paraguay Ecuador Group B
    Tuesday 05/07/2011 03:45 AM Uruguay Peru Group C
    Tuesday 05/07/2011 06:15 AM Chile Mexico Group C
    Thursday 07/07/2011 06:15 AM Argentina Colombia Group A
    Friday 08/07/2011 03:45 AM Bolivia Costa Rica Group A
    Saturday 09/07/2011 03:45 AM Uruguay Chile Group C
    Saturday 09/07/2011 06:15 AM Peru Mexico Group C
    Sunday 10/07/2011 00:30 AM Brazil Paraguay Group B
    Sunday 10/07/2011 03:00 AM Venezuela Ecuador Group B
    Monday 11/07/2011 00:30 AM Colombia Bolivia Group A
    Tuesday 12/07/2011 06:15 AM Argentina Costa Rica Group A
    Wednesday 13/07/2011 03:45 AM Chile Peru Group C
    Wednesday 13/07/2011 06:15 AM Uruguay Mexico Group C
    Thursday 14/07/2011 03:45 AM Paraguay Venezuela Group B
    Thursday 14/07/2011 06:15 AM Brazil Ecuador Group B

    Quarter Finals
    Sunday 17/07/2011 0:30 AM 1st Group A Best 3rd S1
    Sunday 17/07/2011 03:45 AM 2nd Group A 2nd Group C S2 S2
    Monday 18/07/2011 00:30 AM 1st Group B 2nd Best 3rd S3 S3
    Monday 18/07/2011 03:45 AM 1st Group C 2nd Group B S4 S4

    Semi Finals
    Wednesday 20/07/2011 06:15 AM Winner S1 Winner S2 G1 G1
    Thursday 21/07/2011 06:15 AM Winner S3 Winner S4 G2 G2

    3rd Position
    Sunday 24/07/2011 00:30 AM Loser G1 Loser G2

    Monday 25/07/2011 00:30 AM Winner G1 Winner G2
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    Uruguay won Paraguay by 3-0 and establishes as the King of the Copa America

    With a large display in the first half, Uruguay won Paraguay by 3-0 and won the 2011 Copa America. In the Monumental stadium, in Buenos Aires, the Celeste regained the title South American - who has not won since 1995 - and became the biggest champion of the competition's history with 15 titles. Suarez, on 11 minutes, and Forlan, in the first step (41), and 44 of the second time, scored the goals of Uruguay, which gave the victory by 3-0.

    With the best campaign in the Copa America, Uruguay tried to decide the match and quickly began to end everything. In the first minute, Suarez had a good chance after a little confusion in the area, but Villar saved. Lugano headed hard and had a great save of Villar, off the line. On the rebound, Coates tried, but Caceres saved. In the first ten minutes, Uruguay had six corners.

    Thus, the goal did not take long. After passing from Diego Perez, the forward Luis Suarez passed by Dario Veron, who stood on the ground, and kicked in the right corner of Villar, scoring 1-0 for Celeste. After the goal, the country reacted in the field. At 15 minutes, and Enrique Vera launched in the area and Haedo Valdez arrived with danger. But Gerardo Martino's team stopped there.

    Much better on the field, Uruguay reached the second goal after 41 minutes. Arevalo Rios stole the ball off the Paraguayan defense and rolled to Forlan hit hard, no chance for Villar. In a great first half, Celeste completely dominated the Paraguayan team, with twice as many passes (164 to 80), nine corner kicks compared to only one of Paraguay, as well as a possession of 60% and 13 shots against just two of Paraguay.

    In the second half, Paraguay returned better, in order to minimize the advantage. At 8 minutes, the team that reached the decision with five draws almost scored with Haedo, who hit the crossbar of Muslera.

    After that, however, returned to Uruguay the control the match. At 28 minutes, a quick counter-attack, Cavani (entered in the second half), rolled Suarez, who almost defined the game. But the final blow came on 44 minutes. After exchanging passes, the attack of Uruguay, with Suárez, played upside to Forlan, free to score, and made 3-0. Undefeated and deserved, Uruguay won the 2011 Copa America.

    After spending the first phase with a draw against Peru and Chile, Uruguay won his classification conquering Mexico. Then, in the quarterfinals, eliminating the host Argentina on penalties, with great acting from Muslera. In the semifinal, beat Peru by 2-0, with two goals from Suarez, the runner-up top scorer with four goals, and voted best player of the Copa America.
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    Default Uruguay - 2011 COPA America Winners

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    “We want to play this way against everyone we play”, said Messi after the 4-0 against Albania

    BUENOS AIRES, (AFP) – The star of Argentina, Lionel Messi said that the team “albiceleste” (white and blue) would like to continue playing the way they did on Monday in their 4-0 victory against Albania.

    “Today, we did what we knew how to do; we have to play this way against whoever we play”, said Messi about the game played in the Monumental stadium, in Buenos Aires.

    The forward, Carlos Tevez remarked on the 4-0 victory saying that it was just a preparatory match to the Copa America, and stated that in the competition the teams will play harder.

    “Today we did well, but we it has to be made clear that it was just a preparatory match for what’s about to come and it will be much harder”, said the ‘Apache’. “We must win or win, we know it, and we’ll have to work for it”.

    Sergio Aguero believes the team is obligated to win the 2011 Copa America.

    “There is an obligation for us to be champions, we have start with a good beginning, keep it good and we will see in two or three matches where we are”, Aguero commented. He scored the third goal against Albania.

    Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano praised Coach Sergio Batista. “The coach has very clear ideas and he is transmitting them to us, this game will help him draw conclusions”, he said, “The important thing is that we are back to play together after a long time”.

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    Argentina lost to Brazil in the last two editions


    Brazil v Argentina (2-2)

    20' Kily Gonzalez (pen)
    45' Luisao
    87' Delgado
    93' Adriano

    Brazil won (4-2) on penalties


    Brazil v Argentina (3-0)

    04' Julio Baptista
    40' Ayala ( OG )
    69' Dani Alves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggs View Post
    Argentina lost to Brazil in the last two editions


    Brazil v Argentina (2-2)

    20' Kily Gonzalez (pen)
    45' Luisao
    87' Delgado
    93' Adriano

    Brazil won (4-2) on penalties


    Brazil v Argentina (3-0)

    04' Julio Baptista
    40' Ayala ( OG )
    69' Dani Alves
    Hope the same will happen this time too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merit View Post
    Hope the same will happen this time too...
    Hoping for a reverse result this time out ...

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    Argentinas gonna rock the Copa.

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