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Thread: Mobile os

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabbar View Post
    Java rocks :p
    alla pinne..nammal pavangal
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    njan Android angane upayogichittillaa..iphone okke upayogichittundu..

    Android athra kidu aanenu parayan karyamentha?
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    njan oru S60 vechaanu 16K adichathu
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    me using android on samsung galaxy..its marvelous..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SrK.AjMaL.369 View Post
    njan oru S60 vechaanu 16K adichathu
    athu urakkam illanjittalle....
    ഇരവഴഞ്ഞി അറബിക്കടലിനുള്ള താണെങ്കിൽ , കാഞ്ചന മൊയ്തീനുളളതാ...
    ഇത് മൊയ്തീന്റെ വാക്കാ.. വാക്കാണ് ഏറ്റവും വലിയ സത്യം..

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    I would say iOS is the best, It comes with brilliant hardware performance where hardware is the biggest let down for most of the Android devices in the market -when comparing to apple products.

    I have tried HTC Android and Apple iPhone. I'm happier with the latter.

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    ios is the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baazigar View Post
    hp webos..
    not many apps ,but the os is awesome. 9/10...Was with palm and then hp bought it. Now almost deados.

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    My Ratings
    Android : 9/10
    Symbian : 6/10
    Windows : 7/10
    Blackberry 7/10

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    Android malware

    Android's surge in
    popularity has triggered an
    accompanying surge in
    malware aimed at the
    mobile OS, says a new
    study from Fortinet.
    Analyzing the malware
    landscape this year, the
    security vendor tracked a
    90 percent jump in
    Android malware families
    in 2011 compared with
    2010. That figure doesn't
    account for infection rates
    or severity, only the rise in
    malware seeking to infect
    Android devices.
    In comparison, malware
    directed toward Apple's
    iOS rose by only 25 percent
    over last year.
    Fortinet pointed to two
    reasons for the larger bull's
    eye painted on Android's
    Google's OS has shown a
    dramatic increase in
    market share over the past
    year, surpassing iOS,
    Nokia's Symbian, RIM's
    BlackBerry, and other
    mobile platforms. A recent
    Gartner report pegged
    Android's share of the
    global smartphone market
    at 52.5 percent, followed
    by Symbian with 16.9
    percent and iOS with 15
    percent. As the leading
    smartphone OS, Android
    has naturally become a
    bigger target for
    But Google's open
    development platform has
    also played a role in
    Android's appeal to
    malware writers.
    "FortiGuard Labs has found
    approximately five times
    the amount of malicious
    families on the Android OS
    versus what we've found
    on iOS," Axelle Apvrille,
    senior mobile anti-virus
    researcher at Fortinet, said
    in a statement. "We
    believe that this disparity
    can be attributed to the
    way Apple handles iOS
    application development
    and distribution. Unlike
    Android, which makes it
    fairly easy to place
    applications for people to
    download, iOS requires
    developers to undergo
    some strict screening from
    Apple before the
    application can make it to
    the Apple Store."
    The report noted that iOS
    isn't totally immune from
    malware. As an example,
    Fortinet cited the Eeki
    banking worm, a malicious
    app that specifically hunts
    for jailbroken iPhones. But
    still, Apple's more closed
    approach has make it less
    of a target for security
    Looking at the greatest
    number of malware
    samples received and
    analyzed by FortiGuard
    Labs, the report described
    the top five malware
    families directed toward
    Android devices.
    1. Geinimi. Android's first
    botnet can send out a
    user's location and control
    the person's phone to call
    a certain number,
    explained Fortinet.
    2. Hongtoutou. A Trojan in
    the form of live wallpaper,
    this malware can steal
    private information, such
    as a user's subscriber
    number (IMSI), and access
    malicious Web sites.
    3. DroidKungFu. This
    botnet is multifaceted in
    that it can remotely install
    other malware, launch
    specific apps, and add
    4. JiFake. This phony IM
    app can send messages to
    premium phone numbers.
    5. BaseBridge. This Trojan
    can also send SMS
    messages to premium
    Certain malware, such as
    BaseBridge, was found on
    Android Market before
    Google removed it. Some
    malicious apps try to
    disguise themselves as
    legitimate, while others
    actually sneak into
    legitimate apps.
    "DroidKungFu was an
    example of malware that
    was found repackaged in a
    legitimate VPN utility,
    whereas Geinimi was
    found within the
    legitimate application 'Sex
    Positions,'" Fortinet
    malware analyst Karine de
    Ponteves said in a

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