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    Dulquer next Telugu film with director Hanu raghavapudi??.pooja hedge heroine?? Online reports
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    Igher ippol thodunnathokke vivadam anallo keralathilum...puthiya veedilekku pipe panikkum vendi road ok kuthi polichunnu paranju elamkulathu sangharsham pipe Pani nattukar nirthichu... best time thanne...

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    Let rumour mills run..,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basil369 View Post
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    Dulquer - Jithu Joseph film undo ? Pulliyedo interviewil paranjapole ketu ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by vishnu vardhan View Post
    Dulquer - Jithu Joseph film undo ? Pulliyedo interviewil paranjapole ketu ??
    Innale live il paranjathalle ath.dq nod oru thread paranjitond ennu paranju. athre ullu.odane onnum future kanum.
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    Alphonse Putharen: 'In future I'll be doing film with Dulquer'

    From 32:54 of Alphonse's latest interview with Baradwaj Rangan (5 years of Premam).

    Interesting highlights of the interview:

    From 1:08 -
    - I was going to do a Musical with Kalidas in the beginning. And since the film was taking a lot of time, he didn't have dates. He told that he has nearly 10 films lined up. I told that it's better to go for 10 films rather than waiting for one film of mine.
    - About the Hindi feature, I went to Bollywood. I met Karan Johar and Phantom films, I met Anurag Kashyap and a lot of filmmakers after Premam for the remake. Actually Karan Johar and Dharma productions wanted me to do it with Varun Dhawan and I met Varun Dhawan. The problem was I did not want to revisit Premam again. I did not know if I would make it better or worse............. They wanted the rights, it's theirs. I do not know who is going to do it.
    - In between I wanted to do a tamil film with Mammooty and Arun Vijay. But since the budget was high like 15 crores, It didn't go well.
    - Next movie will be a musical.

    From 31:00 -

    About Alphonse's relationship with Nivin, 'He wanted me to be a film maker, He wanted me to grow in someway'.

    It would have been a brilliant interview had it been in Tamil or Malayalam.

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