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    I steal from every movie ever made.
    Quentin Tarantino

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    Prayaga Martin In Sandalwood

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    Oru avasana kai nokkam ennu vicharichittavum. She is almost out of work in all other South Indian languages. Bhama okke ulla pole ivarum ivide click aayal rakshapettu

    Vereyum undu valiya busy onnum allatha Madonna Sebastian angane kure per

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    Prayaga Martin In Sandalwood
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    Top Sandalwood actors and producers woke up to a rude shock from the Income Tax (IT) department on Thursday morning.

    Said to be the biggest-ever raid in the Kannada film industry, at least 200 IT officials raided 25 places that included residences and offices of f our big-ticket movie producers and lead actors.

    Top stars Shivarajkumar, his brother Puneeth Rajkumar, Yash and Sudeep were on the IT radar and so were the producers of their movies, Rockline Venkatesh, Vijay Kirigandur, CR Manohar and Jayanna. Though the IT officials confirmed the raids, they refused to divulge any further details.

    Manohar, the producer of the movie, Villain, starring Shivarajkumar and Sudeep, is also a JD(S) MLC. During the promotions, movie director Prem had claimed that Rs 100 crore was spent on the movie.

    Sudeep who was in Mysuru returned to Bengaluru on Thursday. Before entering his residence in JP Nagar, he told the media that he would cooperate with the IT officials.

    Jayanna was one of the distributors of Villain. He is also a big-ticket producer with films starring top actors. So far, he has produced 16 films with Shivarajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar, Yash and Darshan to name a few.


    Similarly, Yash’s multi-lingual film KGF produced by Vijay Kirigandur is said to be heading to become Kannada film industry’s first-ever movie in the Rs 100-crore club. Though, the producer did not reveal the amount of money spent on the movie, there were enough hints that huge sums were spent on the film which was two years in the making. Vijay is the cousin of Malleshwaram BJP MLA Dr CN Ashwathnarayana. The BBMP contractor-turned-film producer was named by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy as one of the kingpins who was attempting to topple his government.

    One of the IT teams even searched a suite that belonged to Yash at the Taj West End hotel on Race Course Road. Yash who was away promoting his movie returned to the city late in the evening.

    The yet-to-be-released Nata Sarvabhouma starring Puneeth Rajkumar is produced by Rockline Venkatesh, one of the top producers of South India. He has made films in Tamil, Telugu and even forayed into Hindi with the blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Rockline is also the producer of Madkarinayaka starring Darshan. The movie is still under production. He also owns a mall, cinema halls and is one of the big film financiers too.

    IT officials continued the raids late into the night and hinted that they are likely to be continued on Friday as well.

    Commenting on the raids, one of the veterans of the Kannada film industry who did not wish to be named said that “black money thrives in the sector, across all languages. Top politicians have invested through their confidants.”

    It is said that all top actors take nearly 80 per cent of their remuneration in black and declare only 20 per cent of their income. “It was believed after GST and demonetisation, black money had reduced. But in reality, it is back in business in the film industry,” another veteran said
    I steal from every movie ever made.
    Quentin Tarantino

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    Ambareesh, the Kannada movie star who died on November 24 last year, was much misunderstood, according to a man who spent 20 years by his side. Raju (Varadaraja C) who had been with Ambareesh in his capacity as one of the personal assistants, shared with Metrolife stories from Ambareesh?s life that only a few in his closest circle knew.

    Raju, who hails from Mandya, was born and brought up in Kempegowdanagar, Bengaluru. He is a BCom graduate and a social activist. He is a National high school student and the founder of Kempegowda statue at Kempegowdanagar.

    What he told Sonia
    Ambareesh was a Central minister from October 24, 2006 ? February 15, 2007, when the UPA was in power. He held the Information and Broadcasting portfolio, and some people had told Sonia Gandhi, then the party president, that he was always drunk, and not sober when he signed official papers. Sonia Gandhi summoned him to 10 Janpath in Delhi. This is what he told her, according to Raju: ?Yes, I drink, smoke and gamble. Those complaints are genuine. The complaint that I sign files when I am drunk is false. I have never signed a cheque leaf or a film project after drinking. It is up to you to trust me or not.? Sonia?s faith in Ambareesh doubled after his candid admission, Raju says.

    When Prabhakar died
    Ambareesh wept like a child on learning that the body of actor Prabhakar was lying at Mallya Hospital with no one being in a position to pay his bills. Raju says Ambareesh sent the money, after which the hospital allowed the body to be taken out.

    Home theatre wish
    For two months before his death, Ambareesh had been pressing the contractor renovating his JP Nagar house to complete the work. He was planning a grand house-warming ceremony in January. It was his dream to watch the premiere of his son Abhishek?s debut film Amar in his room, and on a home theatre system.

    Tears for Vishnuvardhan
    Ambareesh was devastated on December 30, 2009, when violence broke out during the funeral of his close friend and actor Vishnuvardhan. Actors Ramesh Aravind, Duniya Vijay and Devaraj were returning with him in a police van after the funeral. ?Rajkumar?s family could not even touch his body before he was buried. Vishnuvardhan?s funeral had to take place under police
    protection,? he lamented. When great actors die, young artistes should bear them on their shoulders before the last rites.

    That is the best way to show respect, he had said. He was upset neither Rajkumar nor Vishnuvardhan had received the respect due to them because of the public clamour. Raju says he was able to explain Ambareesh?s sentiments to movie stars, and they readily agreed to carry his body on their shoulders.

    He gifted Dhoni Rs 2 lakh
    After a match at M Chinnaswamy stadium in 2004, Ambareesh met M S Dhoni, then an up-and-coming cricketer. Ambareesh handed him a cheque for Rs 2 lakh, saying a poor boy from Ranchi had played well and needed all the encouragement he could get.

    Waiter for Veeraswamy
    In the late 1980s, Ambareesh was a big star. He was working in three shifts. When he was offered a waiter?s role in the big-budget Premaloka, many were shocked. They said Ambareesh would lose his hero?s image if he took up the role. He was not worried. ?It was Veeraswamy who gave me my first role in Naagarahaavu. If I am anything today, it is because of Veeraswamy. Come what may, I will do the role of a waiter,? he said.

    Money for workers
    Ambareesh was busy campaigning at Bidadi for the Ramanagara Assembly bypoll after H D Deve Gowda, who had won the seat, became the prime minister. Three workers were killed in a police firing when workers and management representatives clashed near the Velliyappa factory in Bidadi hobli, Ramanagar. He was deeply pained. For many years, he sent money to the bereaved families every month, recalls Raju.

    Drove his own car
    Ambareesh was MP thrice and a Union minister once. He never used the official car or employed a driver. He drove his car himself. When he was a minister in the Siddaramaiah ministry, his health had deteriorated, and he used the official car with a driver.

    Raju?s lament
    Several such incidents have been obscured from the public. Only his drinking, smoking and gambling have been highlighted, Raju says. ?He rarely drank during the day. He smoked only when he was drinking. He never attended shootings or events when he was drunk,? he says.

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    kola dance aayirikkum

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    S.Shiva Kumar
    10 JANUARY 2019 14:36 IST
    UPDATED: 10 JANUARY 2019 14:36 IST

    It?s no mean task to whip Kannada pride among the diaspora. Satish Shastri, an entrepreneur who is also the sole distributor for Kannada films abroad, says the trend is slowly changing

    There was utter disenchantment amongst the Kannada speaking diaspora abroad about the quality of films being churned out especially those exposed to the golden period in Kannada cinema. Some like Satish Sastri, an electronics engineer and entrepreneur living in Amsterdam and more importantly a Kannada ?abhimani? never gave up hope. He founded Sandalwood Talkies which is the first single platform for Kannada movie distribution across the globe. You caould call him a facilitator more than a distributor.The money is marginal but Satish is passionate about Kannada cinema being watched and appreciated by a wider audience. He co-produced ?Rajaratha? which burned a big hole in his pocket but Satish is looking for good, talented directors with fire and fresh ideas. On the distribution front if films like ?Rangi Taranga? and ?Godhi Banna? nudged the door ?Sarkari Hiriya? and ?KGF? have kicked it wide open. Satish managed to release ?KGF? in various European countries, thanks to the goodwill he?s gained over the years. ?The response is phenomenal,? he says with a glint in his eyes that no amount of money can bring.

    The interview:

    Was it home sickness or Kannada films not getting the same prominence abroad that made you start distribution?
    I think the latter. We used to see Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films getting a wide release but for Kannada it was always a favour done by a local association with sometimes just one show. We never had a regular release so that was a motivating factor and being a Kannada ?abhimani? it makes me proud.

    Is it because the Kannada diaspora is comparatively small in size?
    That is a factor but it?s also about the number of people who watch films. Telugu and Tamil films are not only watched by those who speak those languages but Kannadigas too. Their audience base is bigger. Kannadigas think a hundred times before venturing out to watch a Kannada film which needs to change.

    Does it reflect on the quality of our films too?
    Well we?ve not been focussing on content for a long time and our filmmakers have not explored what the taste of fans who watch other language film is like. Our films not only have a restricted budget but also ideas whereas we see a lot of ?out of the box? films in Telugu and Tamil. Of late though I?m proud to say that?s changing. It should sustain and gain momentum to get a bigger audience.

    When did this change start?
    ?Luciya? was a film that made people notice Kannada cinema. ?Ulidhavaru Kandanthe? was a sleeper hit outside. Even Rakshit Shetty was surprised because it didn?t do well here. Then came ?Rangi Taranga? which changed the way the overseas market looked at Kannada cinema. It set the platform for other Kannada films.

    I hear people are not attracted by big stars but wait for people to endorse a particular film abroad.
    That?s true especially for Kannada films where simultaneous releases don?t work. Stars travelling for the movie?s release helps. For ?Godhi Banna? and ?Kirik Party? the whole team travelled to various cities abroad. The last two big hits ?Sarkari Hiriya? and ?KGF? have changed the way people look at Kannada cinema abroad and simultaneous release seems possible although not for all movies. Like you said people don?t come for stars. Content is the star. ?Word of mouth? is very important or pre-release buzz like in ?KGF?.

    How do you decide on which film to release? Do you wait till you hear good things about the film?
    We?re associated with some filmmakers since the start of their projects and we will be familiar with their previous works. We don?t necessarily buy the movie but work as overseas partners.

    It must be difficult to woo a Kannadiga living abroad to watch a film.
    It?s a huge task. It?s harder to get people to a theatre than to release a film. We do use all kinds of tools like social media. People have a lot of excuses for not turning up. It might cost 100 dollars for a family to watch a new movie which makes them think twice. Things are changing slowly though.

    Does the cast and crew visiting make a difference like with ?Kirik Party??
    It helps in getting a good opening and also awareness about a film. They don?t have to travel all over. Their travelling to one country will create enough buzz. People also like to meet and talk to them about the movie.

    In all these years which is the biggest hit abroad?
    Now it?s ?KGF?. It?s beaten records. In the US alone earnings will touch one million I hope. ?KirikParty?, ?Sarkari Hiriya? and ?Rangi Taranga? did well too and also ?Godhi Banna? and ?U Turn?.

    ?KGF? must be the first superstar film in Kannada that has done well abroad. What did they do that others didn?t?
    Absolutely. We have to give credit to Yash, the producer and the Hombale team. The pre- release noise created struck a chord. Their association with Farhan Akhtar, Vishal and Varahi films in other languages made people sit up. It?s a sort of validation. The promotions and approach were unique. It was a required shot in the arm for Kannada cinema.

    Just out of curiosity since you say ?KGF? is the biggest hit how much did it earn abroad?
    Let?s talk about gross because net profit varies like in China if a film makes 100 crores we need to understand that the net will be 10% of that. ?KGF? has earned a gross of five crores which is huge. It has shown that we have a market equivalent to other languages. Of course this is for all the versions. We?ve managed to release it in Latvia, Ukraine and Russia. We will be releasing it in Hungary and Poland as well. We?re reaching new shores. We can have only one show on a weekend but Indian students there help in a big way. They also help us organise these shows. It?s not financially attractive yet but we?ll get there

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