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Thread: Advice For New LED TV ........

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    Default Advice For New LED TV ........

    Planning to buy LED T.V. 32 INCHES. Range between RS. 20,000 to 26,000.
    Vishu season and Football World Cup ellam varikayalle. Nalla discounts ellam kittumennu thonnunnu. So, within 1 or 2 months led tv vanganam.
    Kurachu research cheythu. Direct with electronic professionals and in internet. Avasanam, confusion aayi.
    The below points are what i ended up with.
    What i came to know from majority is that, Its expensive compared to others. But,Sony has the best display. But, complaint varan chance kooduthal and repair charges very high.
    Good display but not upto Sony. But, complaints kuravanu and repair charges low.
    Decent display.

    Ee 3 brands aanu kooduthalum prefer cheythathu.
    Ithil, SONY njan cut cheythu. Bcoz, ellavarum ame complaints aanu paranjathu.
    And, majority said that SAMSUNG and PANASONIC are better options.
    And i came to know through internet that LG is not bad at all.
    So, very much confused.

    Other doubt is that, online storesil price nokki. RS. 20,000 - 24,000 rangil SAMSUNG and PANASONIC kandu. I'm in Trivandrum. Direct showroom'il poyi nokkiyilla. So, ethanu bettter ? Buying thru online or Direct showroom ?
    Pinne oru brand'il thanne pala series undallo. and the prices varies depending on the series. My doubt is that, series marumbol display quality marumo OR additional options ano koodunnathu ? What i meant is that, SAMSUNG HD READY feature comes in 2 or 3 series. External options change aavunnundu. Pakshe HD READY feature ulla tv'sil display quality same aano ennanente doubt.
    i need suggestions from experienced. Can suggest any brand OTHER THAN SONY ?

    My Requirements:-
    32 Inches
    Between RS. 20,000 to 26,000.
    Full HD ente rangil kittillenu thonnunnu. So, HD ready is enough.
    Decent display and sound.

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    Aa budget range-il Samsung, Panasonic 32 inch kittan chance kuravanu!....
    20K-25K range-il Toshiba, LG undu!....Toshiba-ku 3 years warranty undu + good sound!...

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