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Thread: "Liverpool FC - the new era under Klopp is underway"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karikamuri Shanmugan View Post
    Klopp wanted to get out of FA cup..he has it.. Personally I wanted us to put a much stronger team..Klopp said team had flu and that's the reason they didn't put out a stronger team..
    Now we have a break in 4th weekend of Jan and has a break in 3rd week of Feb right before Bayern game. So hopefully that's for the best. Visit of OT after Bayern game isn't great either. Pretty sure Klopp has his fixture list and thought, we can't compete in 3 competitions..and I am with Klopp!
    Ellaam planned aanenne
    OT okke ippol difficult game aano , even though attack has imporoved the defense is still a worry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karikamuri Shanmugan View Post
    No accidents. Everything is design.

    Man Utd in Top 4

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    Brighton 0-1 Liverpool
    Not pretty..but 3 points it is..Game needed a bit of magic from Mo to break the deadlock and that's what he provided.
    Palace and Leicester at home next.. need to ensure we don't slip up as City did.
    ‘away – beyond the worldly rules of right and wrong, there is a field; I will meet you there’

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    Before Bayern clash - hope this warm training will help.....

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