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    Guess who's coming for dinner . Very good film. Othiri Indian films inspired aaytundu ee padathil ninnu

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    The Peanuts Movie:
    The classic Peanuts on screen again.
    I really liked it, innocence of the Peanuts characters was a lovely watch.
    Never watched the old Peanuts movies, but remember seeing this comic strip in some old magazines long time back.

    Anna Karenina:
    Average movie.
    Visually good but as a movie not impressive.
    Initial portions looked like a big stage drama.
    The film was over dramatic and direction looked outdated.

    Monsters University:
    Average movie.
    Unwanted prequel to Monsters Inc. I would say.

    Below average film.
    Attempted the movie since the one-liners talked about witches living in modern world.
    But the concept was not executed well.

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    Enola Holmes (Netflix, 2020)

    Enola Holmes sharpens old mystery tropes with a keenly assembled suspense outing that makes brilliant use of director Harry Bradbeer's stellar ensemble. It's a whole lot of fun, intended to keep the audience off-balance right up until the finish. It's sure to be the beginning of a whole franchise.

    PS : Millie Bobby Brown steals the film as Enola Holmes. If fans are wondering if there is life after Stranger Things for Millie, the answer is a resounding YES.

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    Enola Holmes

    The movie follows the story of Enola (If read backwards - Alone), youngest sister of Holmes brothers and her journey to self discovery and freedom. News of disappearance of Mother makes Mycroft and Sherlock to return to their ancestral home to find a wild and stubborn sister. Unhappy with the governess appointed by Mycroft to instill some sense of propriety, Enola decide to disappear herself leaving a bunch of misleading clues. What follows is the crux of the movie. Stellar cast, beautiful locale and an intriguing story makes the movie worthwhile.

    Narayana ... Narayana ...

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    The Lego Movie:
    Average one for me.
    The same old 'hero to the rescue' story.
    Animation was done well, but lego animation is not eye-catchy to be frank.

    One film I couldn't watch when it was released.
    Really gripping film, special effects simply breath taking, felt as if we are seeing earth from above there.
    Tense and intense 90 minutes.

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    Below average.
    Disaster movie, a group of scientists going to a remote planet to discover the origin of human life, but ends in near disaster.
    Script, direction not impressive, special effects were good n general but not enough to excel.

    The Mexican:
    Average movie.
    Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts movie not very less combination scenes.
    Brad Pitt going to Mexico to collect a rare gun, while Julia was kidnapped to keep Pitt in control.
    The combination scenes between Julia and the kidnapper were good and funny.

    Below average experience.
    The action sequences were more like Bollywood than Hollywood.
    Vin Diesel acting was poor.

    Sleepless in Seattle:
    Above average movie.
    Story is like some Indian movie, with all the romance, melodrama and all.
    Meg Ryan performance was good.

    LA Confidential:
    Overall good one.
    Crime vs LAPD vs LAPD in the 1950s.
    Script was good but direction could've been better, lack of clarity was felt here and there.

    Killing me softly:
    Overall average crime thriller.
    Had a good story but script and direction not up to it, climax twist somewhat predictable.
    Heroine looked sexy and expected in the film.

    On Golden pond:
    A beautiful film.
    The story of an old couple, their relation with each other and their daughter and step grand-son.
    Excellent performance by the lead old pair, especially Katherine Hepburn.
    The location and the lake was a treat to watch.
    After watching this, I feel like 'Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam' could be partially inspired from this one (movie or the original play).

    A Fish called Wanda:
    Average film.
    Heist comedy film with some laughs.
    Most of the plot is used in 'Kakkakkuyil' by Priyan for the side-track.

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