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Thread: 🌟💫🌟 REVIEWS of Old Movies🌟💫🌟 (Indian Movies Only)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Argentina Fans 1/5

    veruppikkal at its peak.......... Aishu ne thalayil kayati vecha alkarokke onnu kananam

    Midhum Kunjachan enganum kai vechu kolamakkuvo ennoru pedi eppo indu ...............
    alien star

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandahassan View Post
    alien star
    njangal sizzling star anu sithara fansinithu aaghosha raavu.....hoyya hoy.......
    abinayam ariyillenkil athu padichittu thanne varanam.........

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    The accidental Prime minister - I was very curious what and how the movie is portraying the national figures.Leaving aside all the political views or propogandas, this movie is a one time watch thanks to good performance from Akshaye Khanna.He is a charm.Anupam Kher tried alot and may be succeeded to bringing in the physical attributes of the central character.Personnaly I felt its bit more than required as I know who Anupam Kher is.It was like a documentary approach and some characters are got introduced and they have nothing to do in the further actions which is a weak point I believe.

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    Argentina Fans Katturkadavu - Heard lots of not so good reviews and watched with the lowest expectations.It was not so bad but strictly an average fair.I guess this is the most uninteresting movie from Midhun manual Thomas.The plot was interesting and somehow not turned to be a good entertainer.Kalidas was OK to good and surely he will make his mark.He needs to be part of some good scripts .Aishwarya is doing the same style and approach for all the roles she has got so far.She was not suitable or fitted properly for the character in this movie.

    Side note - I am a fan of Ani ( George from Karikku).Hope he will get good roles in future including in their web platform.He is a great performer
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    Argentina Fans Kaattoorkadavu:
    Agane Midhun Manuel-um Argentina-ye tholppichu.
    Nalla assal useless padam. Fans polum veruthu pokum.
    1983 DVD Midhun onnu kandirunnenkil ithupole orennam eduthu veykkillayirunnu.
    aake kollavunnathu Messi cut-out scene aanu.

    Valiya pratheeksha thannu first half.
    But second half vattakki kalanju.
    Open ended aakki ittal padam class avanam ennillallo.

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    Kavaludaari (Kannada)

    brilliant film aanu .....slow paced narration aanu like memories and mumbai police .....super engaging first half with an above average second half . second half
    could haven been better .btw super performance from ananth nag , rishi ,achuth kumar and rest of the cast . bgm is ok . story of a traffic police officer investigating a
    40 year old murder .. puneeth rajkumar aanu producer . directed by hemanth kumar who scripted for hindi blockbuster andhadhun . recommanded film

    rating : 3.5 / 5

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    Agni vs devi - good thriller climax kurachum koodi nalath akam ayrunu

    Argentina fans - disappointed but kalidas was way better than his previous movies

    9 - good sc fi movie ( theatre watch miss chythathin gethikunu😓😓 ) must theatre watch ayrunu

    Sathru - kidu thriller give it a watch but acting of heroes and villian was a let down

    Marupadi - decent thriller

    Nithya haritha nayakan - time pass movie

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    watched MIKHAEL....
    oru decent action dramakkulla plot undaayirunnu...veruthe kure GANG WAR okkey kaanichu.....flop aaki......
    SIDDIK portion oru rakshayumilla.....
    UNNI MUKUNDAN enthinaanu ingane muscle pidichu nikkanathu...
    my favu dialogue..." thinnidathu thanne thooranam".....
    pinne kulimuriyil ninnu boxerode irangi varunna portion .....
    ente ponno.......🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    AJAY VASUDEVANU AMAL NEERADinu undaaya item aanu haneef ennu thonni pokum chila samayathu......
    NIVIN PAULY ee sareeram vechu ee padam commit cheyyaruthaayirunnu.....screenil kaanumbol thanne kuttabodham.....
    pazhaya COMMERCIAL cheruvakaludey oru navvekaricha pathippaanu HANEEF ennu thonni pokum......
    kure koodi TIGHT PACIL kure koodi RACY script kondu vannaal oru ATBB kkulla muthalundaakam bhaaviyil......allenkil vegam pani nirthaam......

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    (Kure koodi TIGHT PACIL kure koodi RACY script kondu vannaal oru ATBB kkulla muthalundaakam bhaaviyil......allenkil vegam pani nirthaam.)
    No hopee...directn ennal bgm urakke vechu nalla kure frames set akkunnathu matramalla ennu thiricharinjal nallathu

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    Roop ki rani chorom ki raja- Anilkapoor ,sreedevi combo chumma spaar.malayalathil urvashi aanel hindyil sreedevi aanu..

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