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Thread: ♛♛♛ ⚽️⚽️2018/19 English Premier League ⚽️⚽️♛♛♛

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    EPL 2018-19 fixtures out -- full schedule here

    Opening week (1) - Emerykku test anallo first day thanne...

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    Superb thread by Sam Kirklees!!

    Romelu Lukaku – criticised – and Harry Kane – rated as world class/best striker in the world.
    A goal involvement comparison since 2015 for club and country.
    NOTE (1)
    Before we begin, know that Lukaku has played for Everton for 2015-16 and 2016-17 whereas Harry Kane has played for Tottenham for the whole duration.
    Tottenham have created more chances than both Everton and Manchester United, allowing Kane more chances to score.
    NOTE (2)
    Disclaimer: I'm not arguing that Lukaku is better than Kane – he isn't. Rather, I'm arguing that Lukaku is grossly underrated and under appreciated in comparison with other top strikers.
    Lukaku since 2015:
    Games: 172
    Goals: 107
    Assists: 27
    Shots: 500
    Shots on target: 245 (49% accuracy)
    Conversion rate: 43.67%

    Kane since 2015:
    Games: 168
    Goals: 119
    Assists: 15
    Shots: 685
    Shots on target: 304 (44% accuracy)
    Conversion rate: 39.14%

    Goal(s) Involvement Per Game
    Lukaku: 107 (0.62 per game)
    Kane: 119 (0.71 per game)

    Lukaku: 27 (0.16 per game)
    Kane: 15 (0.09 per game)

    Goal Involvement
    Lukaku: 134 (0.78 per game)
    Kane: 134 (0.80 per game)

    Shooting Involvement Per Game
    Lukaku: 500 (2.79 per game)
    Kane: 685 (4.08 per game)

    Shots on target
    Lukaku: 245 (1.42 per game)
    Kane: 304 (1.81 per game)

    Goals per Shooting Involvement
    • 4.67 shots per goal
    • 2.29 shots on target per goal

    • 5.76 shots per goal
    • 2.55 shots on target per goal

    Romelu Lukaku shoots much less than Harry Kane yet scores more goals per shot taken. Harry Kane's number of goals (only 12 more than Lukaku) is based on a much higher number of shots taken to score those goals.
    Lukaku is more clinical.
    Also, despite the idea that Kane is a great team player whereas Lukaku's link-up and build-up is average, Lukaku registers more assists.
    Last Statistic:
    If Kane (16 played the same amount of games as Lukaku (172) and Lukaku had the same shooting output as Kane, what would their records be?
    The answer (based on per game): ↓
    If Lukaku and Kane played the same amount of games and took the same amount of shots:
    Romelu Lukaku:
    Games: 172
    Goals: 150 (+43)

    Harry Kane:
    Games: 172
    Goals: 123 (+5)

    Again, it highlights that one of the reasons why Kane scores a lot is because he takes a lot of shots but Lukaku's accuracy and conversion rate is better.
    Like I said, I'm not saying Lukaku is better as he isn't but appreciation must be given where appreciation is due.

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