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    Mohamed Salah scored his 50th Premier League goal to help Liverpool beat Crystal Palace in a thrilling game at Anfield.

    He is the fourth-fastest player to reach the 50-goal landmark in the Premier League, behind only Andy Cole, Alan Shearer and Ruud van Nistelrooy
    Salah has reached 50 goals in 72 appearances, the same as Fernando Torres and quicker than Sergio Aguero (81 appearances) and Thierry Henry (83 appearances).
    He has scored 48 of his 50 goals with Liverpool, while the other two were scored in the 2013/14 season when he was playing for Chelsea

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    Default English League Cup - Semi Final ( Second Leg )

    English League Cup - Semi Final ( Second Leg )


    Thu , Jan 24 , 2019
    01:15am IST Burton Albion (0) vs Man City (9)

    Fri , Jan 25 , 2019
    01:15am IST Chelsea (0) vs Tottenham (1)

    Live on MTV/VH1

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    Maurizio Sarri accuses Chelsea players of being difficult to motivate following defeat to Arsenal

    Sarri: "I'm not happy at all because I prefer to come into the press room and into the changing room to talk about the tactics and why we lost from a strategy point of view"

    Maurizio Sarri accused his Chelsea players of being "difficult to motivate" following his side's 2-0 defeat at Arsenal.

    Chelsea produced a lacklustre performance at the Emirates Stadium as goals from Alexandre Lacazette and Laurent Koscielny cut the gap to fourth to three points to reinvigorated Arsenal's Champions League qualification hopes.

    Following the defeat, Sarri, who spoke in Italian, once again criticised the mentality of his players.

    "Today I prefer to speak Italian first of all because I want to send a message to my players and I want my message to be very clear," the Chelsea head coach said. "I don't want to make a mistake with my English.

    "I have to say that I'm extremely angry, very angry indeed, because this defeat was due to our mentality more than anything else.

    "We played against a team that was mentally far more determined that we were, and this is something I can't accept.

    "We had a similar issue in the league game at Tottenham. We spoke a great deal about that particular loss and our approach at the time. I spoke to the players, I thought that we had managed to overcome the issue.

    "It seems to me they have an issue with having a sufficient amount of determination and being mentally solid. I'm not happy at all because I prefer to come into the press room and into the changing room to talk about the tactics and why we lost from a strategy point of view, but the fact of the matter is that it would appear that this group of players is extremely difficult to motivate."

    Sarri said Arsenal were more determined to win than his team and he refused to blame tactics for the defeat, which left them just three points ahead of Arsenal and Manchester United in fourth.

    "I think that when you see this kind of a game in which one team is quite obviously more determined than the other, we can't really talk about tactics," he said.

    "From a technical point of view both teams are pretty much the same, but as I said they were more determined than us, so the tactics don't even come into it.

    "It seems to me that their high level of determination was really obvious throughout the game, I would say particular in both penalty areas, if you just think about how clinical they were when they scored their goal, and yet we in defence weren't as determined.

    "We weren't strong enough in defence, particularly with the first goal we conceded. We could have lost that game anyway, we could have lost it for tactical or technical reasons, but I think we lost it because of our determination. I couldn't possibly say I'm not responsible as well, in part, I think that's something we have to share."

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    Maurizio Sarri's rant at Chelsea players may turn them against him, says Tim Sherwood

    Sarri turned to his native Italian following Chelsea's 2-0 defeat at Arsenal on Saturday to accuse his side of being difficult to motivate and low on mental aggression.
    Speaking on The Debate, Sherwood believes the 60-year-old did himself no favours with his post-match comments.
    "You need your players onside," Sherwood said. "There's a possibility he might have lost some of them from that.

    "Hopefully for their sake he hasn't, but I did it myself at Stamford Bridge when I was Tottenham manager and I wish I'd not done it. The results weren't too bad afterwards, but it was purely to get some frustration out for yourself but it's not about that.

    "It's about the team, getting the best out of the individual players, and there's a big game coming up against Tottenham on Thursday and he needs to make sure they're all pulling in the same direction, because I'm not sure it will have helped."

    Sarri resisted the temptation to call out any of his Chelsea players by name, instead criticising the group as a whole, but former England and Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott said the dressing room would not respond to public collective criticism.

    "You're tarnishing everyone," Lescott said. "It's almost better to name individuals. I never did that but they all feel like they're all part of the same team which they are. I don't think it helps him, I think it's an error of judgement he wishes he didn't make.

    "The game has changed now, you cannot manage how you want to manage any longer. He might have done it in the past and got away with it, but you have to do it a different way now. They're all millionaires, don't really have that real hunger to go there and go that extra mile, it's a little bit of an error in my opinion to do that."

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    Sarri: Higuain deal is all but done
    Maurizio Sarri says Gonzalo Higuain's move to Chelsea is almost complete and the Italian expects the striker to succeed in the Premier League.

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