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Thread: Join the forumkeralam league via FIFA fantasy!

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    Default Join the forumkeralam league via FIFA fantasy!

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    Selecting your squad
    You must pick 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. You must choose one of 8 formations for each round.

    You can choose up to 3 players from one of the 32 teams during the group stage, 4 from each team for the Round of 16, five for the quarter-finals, six for the semi-finals and eight for the final two matches.

    The opening match: Unlimited transfers
    Rounds 1-3: One transfer per round
    Round of 16: Unlimited transfers
    Quarter-finals: Three transfers
    Semi-finals: Five transfers
    Final two matches: Five transfers

    Any additional transfers will cost you 4 points.

    After all matches on a single day have finished and before the next Round of matches start, you can:
    - Replace any player (unless they were sent off) with one from your bench whose team is yet to play.
    - Change your captain (if he was not sent off) with a player from your squad whose team is yet to play.

    You can make unlimited transfers for one round. Use this in Round 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 or 7 because in Round 4 you already have unlimited transfers.

    Your captain, which you can change each round, scores double points. So if, for example, you select James Rodriguez as your captain against Japan and he scores 11 points, you get 22 points. Nice!

    Maximum Captain
    In one of the seven rounds, you can play your Maximum Captain chip. In that round, you don?t select a captain. Instead, whichever of your 11 players scores the highest points delivers double for you. So if you really fancy Luis Suarez to run riot against Russia, but you?re afraid to go against Ronaldo versus Iran, play your Maximum Captain!

    Bench Boost
    For one round, all 15 of your players ? rather than just 11 ? will score you points.

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