PVR Cinemas, 7:00pm

If your idea of horror is a regular paranormal slasher, then you won't probably enjoy this.Hereditary is a slowburner, and the emphasis on atmosphere over jump scares makes it all the more petrifying.Director Ari Aster experiments on your readiness to be overwhelmed by its sinister textures, and he doesn't spoon-feed you with all the tropes the horror genre.Hereditary is not a film for the timid or those vulnerable to nightmares, because the unnerving aura it creates will linger with you long after the credits.

In short, Hereditary breathes fresh life into a fading genre.

Ocean's 8

PVR Cinemas, 11:00am

Ocean's 8 nourishes pretty much of the things that the franchise is best known for, nonetheless, it's a lethargic heist with undercooked characters.The whole premise is quite bland, devoid of any real liveliness other than the palatial costumes.A more demanding heist and a formidable nemesis would have added some much needed zest.

The Ocean's franchise deserve better !

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