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Thread: Sanju a biopic in parts

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    Default Sanju a biopic in parts

    Status Housefull at Q cinemas

    Expected a dragging biopic and went but got a good entertainment like any other Hirani film.

    There are many hilarious moments .

    Hats off to Kapoor for his portrayal of Dutt in his make up and everything. He is living as Sanjay Dutt in his looks and mannerisms. Sometimes you feel that he is real Sanjay Dutt

    Then there are lots of other characters one of them being Manisha Koirala who looks like a photocopy of Nargis. And also Vicky Kaushal who is just brilliant. Yet another super performance from him after Raazi. In short I felt that this movie is a bit of love story between Ranbir and Vicky because of the liberty both of them take with each other which no two males will give each other(You will come to know when you watch the film ) In fact he is closer to him than most of his girlfriends .

    Paresh Rawal is just brilliant as Sunil Dutt. The scenes between him and Ranbir are emotionally touching some of which will move you to tears

    Anushka was too good.

    The drawback which I felt was that certain important events in Sanju's life has not been deliberately included

    Postives:- Ranbir, Vicky, Paresh Rawal, Manisha in her cameo, Anushka, Direction, Not a single scene dragging

    Negatives:- Didnt like glorifying someone like him. Also they left out certain important events in his life.

    Rating:- 3.25/5

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