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Thread: 🌟 Jallikattu 🌟 Streaming in Amazon Prime 🌟 Silver Peacock winner @ IFFI 🌟

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perumthachan View Post
    that's like saying maheshinte prathikaram is a movie about a guy trying to buy a new pair of chappals...
    he was connecting the beef issue and the film....initially made sense to me...then came to me that buffalo is not beef
    Huge fan of Lalettan!
    My ratings for last 5 Lalettan movies:
    * 01/20 - Big Brother - 0.1/5
    * 09/19 - Ittymaani - 2.7/5
    * 03/19 - Lucifer - 2.5/5
    * 12/18 - Odiyan - 2.7/5
    * 11/18 - Drama - 2/5

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    Is Jallikattu The Right Choice For The Oscars? Anurag Kashyap, Hansal Mehta And Others Respond - EXCLUSIVE

    Anurag Kashyap, Hansal Mehta, Srijit Mukherjee and other prominent filmmakers speak on the Malayalam film Jallaikattu making the Oscar cut. Anurag Kashyap says, “Of course I am happy . This was one year where I felt we had four films that had backing and they made a bold choice. Jallikattu has XYZ films as US distributor and a successful festival run and international reviews. So it does stand a good chance."

    Kashyap adds, "There was also The Disciple in the selection race that has Cuaron and international distribution and festival wins There was Sir that has international distribution and festival run and backing and there was Yeh Ballet that had international appeal and Netflix backing. Lijo Jose Pellissery is a filmmaker of international standards and the world needs to know him so I am happy this will cast the light on him .”

    Hansal Mehta says, “It's a brilliant film. Absolutely no doubt. I haven't seen Chaitanya Tamhane's film The Disciple yet but going by the accolades it received and so much talk about it being a possible contender for Oscars maybe this was the film to be sent? About time this process for selection changes. Films that stand a chance need to be sent. Period. And films stand a chance based on many factors. Not just likes/dislikes of some mystery jury. The year Lunchbox was in contention they sent Good Road. The year Shahid and Fandry were in contention they sent Liars Dice. The politics, motives and understanding of these 'jurors' are very questionable at times. Jallikattu is a good film. But I'm sure disciple is far more international given Alfonso Cuaron’s involvement. We've missed one more shot at nominations I think.”

    Honey Trehan thinks, “It’s a well deserving entry and I personally have been a fan of Lijo’s films. I like the way through Jallikattu talks about many aspects of our society,culture,pathos and specially the greed. Jallikattu is an experience. I’m glad to know that our jury has chosen this film for Oscar entry...much respect.”

    Srijit Mukherjee hails the “Brilliant decision." Adds, "The fact that Indian cinema is so much more than Bollywood gets reiterated. And international focus is rightfully back where it belongs.”

    Sudhir Mishra says, “Naturally I thought it should have been my own film Serious Men.But now that it's Jalikkattu I say : All the best !”

    Karan Anshuman believes “Deserving film. Lijo is an auteur who's earned the accolade. Critical for him to find support in a big studio to campaign for Jallikattu in LA if it's going to have a fighting chance.”

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    Jalli good: Amul doodle cheers the selection of ‘Jallikatu’ as India’s official Oscar’s entry.
    അന്നേക്കും ഇന്നേക്കും അവസാനം ശ്വാസം വരേക്കും വാമോസ് അർജന്റീന

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    good discourse. the pains taken behind the filming was too much.
    lijo believes it is an advantage that oscar campaign is online this time. hmm...

    Lijo's favourites:
    Hollywood film: 2001 A Space Odyssey
    Indian film: Satya
    Hollywood director: Stanley Kubrick
    Indian director: KG George
    Book: The Holy Bible
    Hollywood actor: Bruce Willis
    Indian Actor: Thilakan
    അന്നേക്കും ഇന്നേക്കും അവസാനം ശ്വാസം വരേക്കും വാമോസ് അർജന്റീന

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