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Thread: MI 6: Fallout - Best of the series - Punch's review

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    Default MI 6: Fallout - Best of the series - Punch's review

    MI 6 Fallout - REVIEW!

    MI 6 Fallout came with all those pre-release hype generated by the marketing making videos of Tom Cruise's ankle break, helicopter stunt & bike chase. Movie not just lived upto the hype but over did it actually. In my opinion, it is the best of the series and can easily reach close to 1 Billion mark in BO.

    Apart from previous MI movies, this one starts as follow up of events from the MI-5 Rogue Nation. And it is first time, they are keeping the same director. Movie is an edge of the seat race against time to prevent an upcoming nuke explosion in Kashmir. Movie excels in all departments - cinematography, locations, sound score & the action choreography, which deserves special applause. It has got the best bike chase since Rogue Nation, best free run scene since Casio Royale, best helicopter stunt since Spectre & best hand to hand combat since quite a while. Whenever the movie lags, there comes an over the top action or twist that keep you excited. I watched the movie in 2D-IMAX as 3D-IMAX tickets are sold out. Highly recommended for IMAX viewing! I plan to watch it next week in 3D-4DX which is the best format to watch this movie.

    What all I Liked!

    ✰ All the action scenes - Bathroom Fight, Hallo Jump, Helicopter stunt, Paris Bike race, Rooftop free run

    ✰ Locations - Loved Paris, London & New Zealand locations. They showed New Zealand for Kashmir & those aerial shots where eye catchy. Should have shot on real Kashmir.

    ✰ Tom Cruise - Soul of the movie! Hats off to him for doing all these impossible stunts at the age of 56 without any dupe!

    ✰ Henry Cavil - Finally got a good role without any cape!

    What I didn't like!

    ✰ Less funny scenes

    ✰ Feels cheated when they don't show the scenes from trailer in movie (Helicopter sliding to lorry scene, Henry Cavil's gun grab scenes are missing in movie!)

    My Verdict: Action Blockbuster! [will get around 750-850 M worldwide]

    My Rating: 4.5/5

    Note: Do watch in IMAX or 4DX!

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