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    PVR Bangalore, Around 70%

    oru village setupil ulla template mass masala athanu seema raja.. pandu vijay okke cheythitrunnu polathe padam.. buildupinu sesham hero entry followed by fight scene, intro song, pinne cliched heroine introduction, template villain, punch lines etc etc.. looks like SK wants a mass hero image

    first half nalla bore ayirunnu.. soori comedy chilathu kollam bakki okke chali ayirunnu.. pinne idaikku idakku ulla songs.. 2nd half comparatively better but predictable aanu each and every scene.. flashbacks portions enthinanennu manasilayilla as it doesn't help the story in anyway.. athupole social messagenu vendi importance of farming ennu paranju kurachu dialogs which is not related to story..

    SK was energetic through out but this kind of mass hero image doesnt seem to suit him.. samantha looked beautiful but her character is from village and she doesn't look like that.. simran oru impact undakilla.. Lal as villain nothing much to do..

    immante BGM kollam but songs onnum valiya gunamilla except the intro song..

    padathil story onnum illenkilum grand aayi eduthitundu..

    Overall below average padam.. but considering SK's reach with family audience and heavy promotion may become a hit in TN..
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    Robot 2.0 3D teaser undayirunno??? How was it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikka View Post
    Robot 2.0 3D teaser undayirunno??? How was it??
    Illa teaser onnum kanichilla ivide..

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    Thanks for the Review.........

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