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    Watched sarkar yesterday evening show now coming to the movie its one of the boldest political movie to come out in recent years, movie directly takes on the ruling AIDMK mercilessly and also the general politics of tamil nadu right now and besides the movies political plot its a movie which should be praised to be bringing up the importance of casting once own vote and also making awareness in public regarding 49 -p which itself is of major social importance ,people who praised padman and toilet em premkatha seems mute now shows the true colour of politicians and there reviewers attitude to such an important issue which directly deals with all the people of this country ,all are talking about the politics of this movie rather than praising the novelty of bringing up 49 p in to prominance

    Coming to movie vijay delivers a power packed performance ,all others support cast need to play around central character except varalakshmi who stands out,rahmans back ground score was just terrific and murugados dialogues where fantastic overall an entertaining movie experience,finally regarding kerala audiance second half won't be that much interseting compared to first bcoz it deals a lot with current TN politics which is not much followed by common audience....

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    Thanks brother..

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    Thanks for the Review.........

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