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Thread: Joseph - A good thriller which could have been better without songs

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    Default Joseph - A good thriller which could have been better without songs

    Joseph kandu. A very good plot . Basically a simple story of a sharp police officer who as specified in the title is a man with a scar.

    Joseph( Joju) is a police officer who has to go through lots of miseries and had to go through the trauma of losing his dear ones.

    A series of incidents happens in his personal life and with the help of his sharp mind he connects those incidents together

    The movie altogether would have been a different level if it had no songs at all. This has turned out to be a musical where there is a song every few minutes thus diluting the whole plot.

    The movie which was 2 hrs 18 minutes could have been trimmed down to less than 1 and half hours.

    Also there is lack of logic in certain scenes where we think about how all his friends dedicate their lives to solving his mystery. He friend circle includes people belonging to all ages from his daughters senior in college to men in their 60's. And they are all there for him 24x7.

    Otherwise the basic plot is very good and it was indeed a great attempt by its makers

    Positives:- Joju and his performance as Joseph which is impressive

    Negatives:- Too many songs and lagging in certain portions

    Still I would give a rating of 3/5 since it was a good attempt

    Box office prospects:- Chance of clicking at multiplexes since 40% of seats was filled in Q cinemas.

    P.S :- Two thrillers which I saw recently which could have been better if they were shorter -Oru Kuprasidha Payyan and Josepht. Both had unwanted songs which spoiled the whole serious mode of the movie.

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