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Thread: 2.0 -- Experience the visual treat

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    Default 2.0 -- Experience the visual treat

    M-Cinemas, Vaparappuzha
    9:15AM Show
    Status: 90%

    Films builds on with the sequence of mobile going off as indicated in the trailer and Akshay revenge...Then Chitti gets loaded and cat and mouse chase is on!!! Its pakka mass entertainer with just one liner story and excellent in all other departments than the script. Just a film that you can go and enjoy in theater with family.

    * Shankar the director - vision to make such a grand film
    * 2.0 -- Audience on their feet when 2.0 came...his dialogues...'Vasi Maiii'...all spari...
    * Akshay -- He had done an excellent job, as bird lover and villain...hats off
    * 3.0 -- A surprise element, kids will go crazy about the same. Family will love it!!
    * 3D -- Shot in full 3D..All will love it
    * BGM -- ARR used BGM very mild in first half and second half it exploded. Rap BGM at the point where Akshay turn into bird Akshay (after face off with vasigaran) is just awesome!! Song 'pullinangal' used in part and effectively. Rajali comes as BGM when 3.0 comes and scenes there after.
    * Rasul's sound mixing -- Excellently done in whole movie.
    * Majority of VFX -- Key ones are awesome Mobile Akshay, Big Bird, Bird Akshay etc taken extremely well
    * Last 30 minutes stadium fight
    * Cinematography -- Big shots and went really well..
    * Cat and mouse chase -- Bird-man tactically defeating chitti and 2.0 tactically defeating bird-man is excellent to watch

    * Script - Should have been better..But who cares the same if a Rajani movie guarantees full time entertainment.
    * Chitti lacks energy bit
    * Vasigaran acting especially in transformation scene with Akshay , Akshay ee scenesil pwolichu...

    * Some similarity with old Shankar films
    * First half punch scenes kuravanu
    * Minor VFX hiccups -- First brid vs Chitti fight, Chitti speed was really lacking and proportionality problems etc, Some of the mobile flow sequences.

    Verdict:- 4/5 - Box office records - rest in peace
    One liner in comparison with Shankar movies:- Better than Jeans, Sivaji and I for me but below Enthiran in all departments except 3D and VFX!!!
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    Thanks Bhai...

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    Default padathe okke 'kadha' illaannum paranj negative parayunnavare madalinu really deserves no negative review from what has been heard so far..Thanks for the review...spoilers ozhivakamarnn..

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    Thanks ikka for the Review.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClubAns View Post
    Thanks ikka for the Review.........
    Thanks all for the support!!!

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    Edited the review again after my second watch with family as I got much more focus on technical sides!!!

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