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Thread: PERANBU....An eternal monument on screen etched in love.........

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    Default PERANBU....An eternal monument on screen etched in love.........

    Watched 'PERANBU' yesterday with expectations as old as my avatar...Haven't waited for any film such long or with such passion..And when it happened,it turned out to be an experience of a lifetime...Even if i am not watching any movie from now, my life as movie lover is blessed forever...

    The predicament as a viewer after watching the movie is that what to say or write about the movie with such a confused mind preoccupied with the moments in the life of Amudhavan and Pappa.... So some abstract thoughts...

    1) Salute to Ram for making such a film which crosses traditional boundaries of story telling / subject selection and for choosing / 'convincing' Ikka to do Amudhavan; for making Nature an inseparable character in the film; for not turning into easier shortcut of melodrama; and above all for making a movie with absolute love and compassion and without being judgemental.

    2) The depiction of Meera (Anjali Ameer)...Path breaking and unpretentious at the same time.The way the character was presented as natural as any other character should be lauded.

    3) Performance of Sadhna, Cinematography by Theni Eeswar and Music by Yuvan.......Masterclass by the triumvirate.

    4) The dialogues....Splendid,touching,natural and with philosophical undertones: Some of them deserved to be framed and preserved in our households.

    5) The 12 chapters.....Shows the nature in all its paradoxical features....magnificence,benevolence and cruelty.......from the serenity of a stream to the vastness of an ocean.

    6) Mammukka...The colossal rock on which the beautiful and poignant monument is carved.The rock around which the stream of Pappa flows. Peranbu is the life story of Amudhavan more than Pappa. No other director has used an actor's face /close ups for story telling in such an extensive and effective way,(sometimes using Face of Ikka as a mirror to convey the surroundings) and only the greatest actor can pass this test in flying colours. Ikka does it with dignity,subtlety and expressiveness and above all with such naturality which makes it hard to believe you are watching a cinema....A study class in minute acting and it will take multiple viewing to imbibe his layered performance in its fullest.The most lovable Mammukka in recent memory. And tremendous guts to accept this role , which travels through more than unconventional/unheard moments an actor had ever experienced.

    HIS BEST PERFORMANCE TILL DATE...though its a crime to call it a 'performance'.....

    At last a World class cinema at our doorsteps....Enter and Experience it !!!!
    Mammootty can be likened to the purest breed of Red Oak trees- he shall still stand upright, rooted in deep and exposing his ornamental bark in all its glory and charisma.

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    One of the best reviews I read. I got goosebumbs while reading it.

    nice to have you back bro..

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    Thanks bhai.excellent review
    Vamos La Albiceleste

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    wonderful review..

    Best till date for Mam ?? interesting..
    Waiting for Peranbu !!!

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    Good review. Well written

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    താങ്ക്സ് ജീഷ്ണു

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    അടിപൊളി റിവ്യൂ ജിഷ്ണു .... ...

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    Kidu review bro

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    Ho! Romanch.Kidukkan rvw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malik View Post
    Ho! Romanch.Kidukkan rvw
    Goosebumps while reading the review..
    Same feeling for me also......

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