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Thread: Thadam - Review..!!

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    Default Thadam - Review..!!

    Gopalan Cinemas, Bangalore.. around 60%

    Magizh thirumeni is a very underrated director in tamil cinema.. angerude previous movies Thadayara thakka and meaghaman enikku ishtapetta padangal aanu.. especially TT.. nalloru actiona thriller ayirunnu.. oru top hero cheythirunenkil nalla reach kittiyene..

    identical twins, a murder, who is the suspect?.. ithanu basic story line.. initial 30 mins characters establishment aayi pokunnu..cheruthayi bore adichu.. once the murder happens movie shifts into topgear.. 2nd half nalla thrilling aayi thanne eduthitundu.. flashback vendathre impact undakilla..

    twist kind of predictable anenkilum last vare oru suspense maintain cheyyan directorku sadichitundu.. whenever u think there is a clue, it leads to another twist and further complicates...

    Arun vijay nannayi cheythitundu.. police office aayi varunna vidya pradeepum nannayi.. bakki 2 heroinesnum valiya role onnumilla..

    songs/BGM athra pora.. cinematography kollam.. suits the mood and has a different color tone for the 2 characters..

    Overall a good thriller..

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