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    Default Virus -- My take

    12th June 9pm show
    Njarakkal Majestic
    Status: More than 80%

    Plot: As everyone know, nipah diseases discovery fear fight and survival..

    Acting Dept: All characters and actors who did them done an excellent work except director Sakkariya and Madona. If Shine Nigam acted instead of Sakkariya it should be more apt for me. Also I felt Tovino, in some areas, got a hangover of 'Uyare' and felt Rahman would have been better choice for that.Performance vise Soubin was best followed by Parvathy, Sreenath Bhasi, Indrajith and Jojo...If we leave last speech Revathi also did well.Kunjakko was apt but did not much had much to perform!!!Asif Ali was a high surprise acting package...Really pwolichu....I have never seen him act so well in emotional scenes. Rima had a well written role, but acting she overcooked. She was the worst in showing nipah symptoms!!! On ladies side, it became obvious that no one can replace Parvathy in mannerisms and natural acting. Director deserves full credit for the junior doctors as it is & Bhasi and co depicted it very well!!!

    Direction and script: Ashiq Abu deserves full credit to take the very well known subject as a thriller. Scripting by Muhsin is done in detail for every character!! He did well in depicting many characters as it is and taking away all muslim prejudices.

    BGM: Gone to a hollywood level...Had given a feel that virus is coming to haunt u!!!

    Cinematography and art works too spaari!!

    VFX could have been better!!

    Overall: Highly gripping first half with lots of goosebumps moments with hollywood level making...second half got bit loose but deserves a must watch for the way its treated!! Excellent!!!

    Rating: 4/5
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    Thanks ikka for the review.........Rating?

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    Zaxhariya role Shane nigam cheythal sheri aavilla. Because the character only has that much scenes and dialogues. He rarely has dialogues than coughing and vomiting.

    Pinne aa post climax scene polichu. That was really touching

    Agree that Rima overdid certain scenes

    Anyway thanks for the review

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    Thanks a lot for your review

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClubAns View Post
    Thanks ikka for the review.........Rating?

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