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Thread: Thaneer Mathan Dinangal- Laugh your heart out

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    Default Thaneer Mathan Dinangal- Laugh your heart out

    Q cinemas Houseful

    A simple coming of age movie with school as a backdrop. The main protagonist is Jaison who is madly in love with his classmate Keerthi. There is also Vineeth Srinivasans character Ravi Padmanabhan who has plays an important part of the story.

    There are usual elements in the story like love story of teachers and internal politics among teaching staff etc.

    After a long time I could not stop laughing from the beginning to end of the movie. Even the most serious situations are handled in a humourous manner

    The lead pair has done their part well. Even the supporting cast which has his and her friends , their parents , his brother etc have done their parts very well.

    Altogether a laugh riot which has a perfect comedy timing.

    On a negative side if anyone is expecting a serious content oriented stuff then this is not their cup of tea. And also there is a kind of repetitiveness which is seen in the recent school college campus stories in Malayalam

    My rating:- 3.5/5

    Box office :- It will be a superhit for sure

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    thanks bro

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    Thanks a lot for the review

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