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Thread: WAR Review - high octane action movie

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    Default WAR Review - high octane action movie

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    watched the movie today, had average expectations from movie especially with track record of director, still was eager to watch hrithik and tiger together.

    the movie is high on action, all the action sequence were well shot and directed. It may have resemblence to hollywood but the high production values in the movie is noteworthy.

    The story of the movie as evident from trailers is on predictable lines, it has similarities to last year release Aiyaary, where the student turns rogue..

    here hrithik, the teacher turns rogue and tiger is behind him to catch him.. For me, the movie was on predictable lines till last 30 minutes, where an unexpected twist gives this movie an needed lift. I loved that twist, and the movie delivers on what it promises... action, action more action..

    hrithik and tiger took the maximum screen space. vaani kapoor has a very short still important role.

    overall.. i will give it 3/5... go and watch it in theatres.

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    Thanks for the review…

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