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Thread: Moothon An intense and powerful saga after a long time

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    Default Moothon An intense and powerful saga after a long time

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    Status :- 50-60%

    A child comes to Mumbai from Lakshadweep in search of moothon( elder brother). The kid has to go through various experiences. And there is also a flashback scene in Lakshadweep which shows why moothon eloped to Mumbai. This is the main crux of the movie. If I say more it can result in a spoiler

    The scene where the true identity of the child is revealed is too good. All the actors including Jim Sarbh, Sujith Shankar, Shobita, Roshan Mathew, Dileesh Pothen etc have excelled in their roles.

    There has been various sensitive issues which have been dealt with in this sensitive movie like flesh trade, same sex love. The same sex love story in the movie has been portrayed in a very intense and sweet manner.(homophobics better stay away from the movie)

    In one word the movie is brilliant

    Rating:- 4.5/5

    Box office prospects:- Not much hope but it will surely have its niche audience who patronize serious movies

    In short Geethu Mohandas is a brilliant director though she was not that good an actress during her heydays.

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