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Thread: Anjaam Paathira Review- A very Good Thriller

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    Default Anjaam Paathira Review- A very Good Thriller

    palakkad new aroma.. monday 9 pm show.. HF with heavy returns..

    Midhun manuel kunchako boban combo ude oru kidu thriller movie.. the movie, written and directed by midhun really exceeded my expectations. Never expected this from midhun.. he has shown there is more to him than his feel good/ aadu movies..

    performance wise.. every one was good.. even the unconventional casting of unni maya as the police officer was also good..

    the movie take a proper political stand , that was good to be seen..

    the ending was the best part, the last twist was fantastic and the ending bgm gave me goosebumps..

    films like lalettan's grandmaster, i was not fully satsified with its outcome, as i wanted the character of priyamani to die in the end. Thats where this movie ends differently as we feel for the killer in the end and wanted the outcome the movie gave in the end..

    will give it 4/5... true blockbuster.. hope 2020 give more such exciting thrillers...

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    Thanks bhai.

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