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Thread: Penguin, Gulabo Sitabo, Choked & Chintu Ka Birthday - My Opinion !

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    Default Penguin, Gulabo Sitabo, Choked & Chintu Ka Birthday - My Opinion !

    Penguin (Tamil, 2020)

    The build-up here is clever and it has multiple elements that can hold your interest. But somewhere the movie feels a bit confused about whether to act like an emotional drama or a thriller. Penguin has a premise that keeps you curious for the most part and it definitely has certain moments too to its credit. But the inability of the story to create a climax that justifies the tension they built till that point can disappoint you. All in all, a fairly decent thriller that leaves you wanting for more excitement in the tale.


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    Gulabo Sitabo (Hindi, 2020)

    Life experiences and reality of small towns are working well as the heartlands provide the roots and the narrative that strongly connects people to realism. Gulabo Sitabo belongs to that genre of grassroot cinema. It isn't the kind of film that will sweep you off your feet, but it's crisp and lively screenplay, earthy dialogues and effortless acting by a fine cast more than make up for a lack of surprises. If not exactly scintillating, it is definitely entertaining enough not to fritter away its inherent advantages.

    Ayushmann & Bachchan

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    Choked : Paisa Bolta Hai (Hindi, 2020)

    Set in a middle-class Mumbai milieu, Choked finds Anurag Kashyap revisiting the crime-drama genre with absolute restraint as he takes an intriguing plot and paces it steadily around a bunch of rooted characters. Nonetheless, Choked is Anurag in minor key. There is little of the raw, visceral energy we associate with the filmmaker.

    Saiyami Kher & Roshan Mathew

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    Chintu Ka Birthday (Hindi, 2020)

    Chintu Ka Birthday cultivates a dynamic portrait of Iraq, with its dense social, political and religious layers. The film is absolutely minimal, but its limited point-of-view says enough to the original horror and poignantly makes humanity a non-political issue. Well-acted and dramatically moving, Chintu Ka Birthday is a commendable effort.

    What fascinates me about this movie is how effectively they have shot it in one confined location without losing the intensity of its audacious premise. This can make young, aspiring filmmakers to go for ambitious projects without the need of an extravagant budget.

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