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Thread: Sufiyum Sujathayum- After TM and ENM yet another Hindu muslim story with a triangle

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    Default Sufiyum Sujathayum- After TM and ENM yet another Hindu muslim story with a triangle

    Everyone is familiar with Sufi music sufi culture etc. The film follows a non linear narrative which clubs past and present together with many dramatic twists and somewhere lag in between.

    As everyone knows from the teaser Sujatha is a nair girl in love with a Sufi priest played by newcomer Dev Mohan and she gets married off to an NRI played by Jayasurya.

    There are certain scenes which may unknowingly remind you of our earlier classics like Thattathin Marayathu and Moideen but because of the few cliches and lag the film just becomes a one time watchable fare.

    Jayasurya excels in his performance and Aditi looks beautiful and the movie uses her dancing skills to the maximum. Newcomer Devmohan is just ok as sufi. Other characters like Siddique , Valsala Menon etc have performed their parts well.

    Box office prospects:- Since it is steamed on OTT platform there is no question of box office performance. Hats off to Vijay Babu who took a new step of OTT release during the pandemic. He deserves special appreciation for making Malayalam one of the five language industries in India who ventured into this format of film making. Many low budget film makers are likely to use this platform if this pandemic continues for a longer time not just in Kerala but all over the world

    Positives:- Frames, BGM , Jayasurya in his extended cameo

    Negatives:- Somewhere we feel a cliche which is there in every Hindu Muslim love story and in some triangular love stories. And there is a terrible lag in some portions

    Rating: -2.5/5

    Rating :-

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