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Thread: ♛♛♛ ⚽️⚽️ 2020-21 English Premier League ⚽️⚽️♛♛♛

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    Man City 1 - 1 Liverpool
    Liverpool started with ultra attacking team of Mane-Jota-Salah-Firmino and it was all Liverpool in the initial stages and deservedly took the lead
    Mane with slightest of touches going down ( Though not worse than Salah's against West Ham ) to earn the penalty
    Sterling punished for trying to stay up in the box when pushed by Jota, moments before Mane earned Liverpool penalty for going to ground.
    City gradually got grip in to the game and it was an excellent match till halftime. City's defense stood firm against Liverpool's attacking quartet , Ruben Dias looks an excellent buy
    Second half wasn't that entertaining , may be because of fatigue. City had a glorious chance to take all three points but Kevin de Bryune of all people misses penalty

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    Quote Originally Posted by frincekjoseph View Post
    Game Week 9 thottu oru clarity kittum enthayalum......
    ആകെ കുഴഞ്ഞ് മറിഞ്ഞ സീസൺ ആണിത്.
    എവർട്ടൻ്റെ കത്തിക്കൽ കഴിഞ്ഞെന്നു തോന്നുന്നു.

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    Arsenal 0 - 3 Aston Villa
    Arsenal winning the League title last Sunday and relegated yesterday
    Arsenal were praised to the sky when they beat an "avg team" last Sunday , yes they were excellent but it was against an average ( performance wise ) team
    Aston Villa with full of energy , might have scored much more

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    without van djik, liverpool is finding it tough to stop goals. without aguero, city is finding it tough to score goals. whoever solves this quick will clinch the title.

    as a city fan, impressed by ruben-laporte pairing. if mane-firmino-salah-jota could not score in open play, that means pep can heave a huge sigh of relief. his defence woes can be put to rest. the back five of ederson-walker-ruben-laporte-cancelo is the best one in all of pep's time at city. funny thing is, when defence has solidified, city is struggling with free-scoring goals.
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    അന്നേക്കും ഇന്നേക്കും അവസാനം ശ്വാസം വരേക്കും വാമോസ് അർജന്റീന

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    Leicester ine thalli paranjavar okke evide?
    Ethra naalu ee formil povum ennu ariyilla ennalum Njan avar 1st 4il undavum ennu paranjirunnu

    Quote Originally Posted by BangaloreaN View Post
    ആകെ കുഴഞ്ഞ് മറിഞ്ഞ സീസൺ ആണിത്.
    എവർട്ടൻ്റെ കത്തിക്കൽ കഴിഞ്ഞെന്നു തോന്നുന്നു.

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    Jose Mourinho said his "amazing" Tottenham beat Manchester City on strategy as a vintage show from the Portuguese boss sent his side top of the Premier League.

    Man City
    Goals 2 0
    Possession % 34 66
    Total Shots 4 22
    On Target 2 5

    Spurs , 2 shots on Target and 2 goals

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