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Thread: 🏆⚽️ 🥅 2021-22 UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Conference League🥅 ⚽️🏆

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    Congratulations REAL MADRID

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    hala Madrid ❤ vamos....Espanola
    Porattam goldinu vendi !!!chembhan gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggs View Post
    Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid

    • PSG
    • Chelsea (Defending Champions)
    • Manchester City
    • Liverpool

    You won't find a tougher route to winning any competition in the world.

    Congrats !
    Easy fixture vazhi ethiya Liverpool avasanam kalichu ella matchilum opponents ayirunnu betters choice but real the only winner stand as a champion...Iratti maduram Ulla Vijayam....oru group of English clubinittu panithu jayikumbol maduram double akunnu������
    Porattam goldinu vendi !!!chembhan gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggs View Post
    Porattam goldinu vendi !!!chembhan gold.

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    Villarreal finalil vannirunnenkill ennu asichu kuzhappamilla liverpoolinittu finalil thanne koduthu Spanish shock ...Nella sankadam undakum English fansinu let them cry...
    Porattam goldinu vendi !!!chembhan gold.

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    The aging key players, the squad transition, the dismantling of the so called european giants in a stretch, just wow..its euphoric

    La decima is still my favourite win but this is a close second because no one gave us a chance this time,We owned it

    If you look closely there's a pattern out there with all the last 5 ucl madrid won

    We are outperformed and dominated intermittently many times but yet we score crucial goal against the run of play to hold our nerves and then opposition crumbles under the pressure inevitably

    These players are mentally stubborn and wont succumb under pressure, thats the mighty madrid philosophy take us to 14

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    Revenge cheyyanpoya Liverpool vendamathum saramilla adutha pattuslavathinu kanam...
    Porattam goldinu vendi !!!chembhan gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillan View Post
    Vow, entho oru samadhanam pole ayinnu thonnunnu.. Well, I think we fell into Real's tactics - very quiet in the first half they were coupled with Courtois immaculate saves and they started playing in second half but except that goal they were not much of a threat... Very much disappointed but this will be so far the most spectacular season under Klopp winning 2 local cups and taking league till the last minutes of the season and making into final of CL. Before either CL win or League were only the achievements. That also rising from the ashes of a shambolic 2020-21 season through the header of Allison against WBA.... But, should have won this final as was the expectations..
    Enthu tactics , Courtois excellent formil aayathu kaaranam goal veenilla..allel Liverpool might have go in to the half time break with a 2-0 lead
    I think 2018-19 was the best season for Liverpool (under Klopp) , pushing City all the way for title and just finishing a point behind , also winning the CL

    You better know , as a United fan Liverpool winning the quadruple will be unsahikkable ..our Treble of '99 is still intact
    Liverpool came that close and I seriously thought they are going to win all four , they were in that kind of a form
    Under Klopp they will win the title , CL and domestic Cup's again for sure ...but winning all these in one season will be difficult , but not impossible

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    Carlo Ancelotti
    The most successful manager in UCL history.

    🏆🏆 Two Champions League with Real Madrid.

    🏆🏆 Two Champions League as a coach with Milan.

    🏆🏆 Two Champions League as a player with Milan.

    🥇 Only one to win the title in all top 5 leagues

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