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Thread: B o l l y w o o d

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perumthachan View Post

    Arbaaz Khan is definitely a fool!
    She is high maintenance .... More like a fancy, luxury shoe that leaves your foot crippled for the rest of the day ... type aalu aanu ...
    Narayana ... Narayana ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballu View Post
    sorry for the delayed response. actually its a two way cinemaku vendi vishal kore audition cheythirunu ....kore pere nokki oduvil annu evaril ethiyathu ....oru roleinu vendi pakka aaya actore kittumpo skin tone fair ayathu kondu reject cheyanda avishyam ella ....Vishal is a kind of dir who would cast actors for their potential rather than going for the looks all fair ethinte mattoru vasham .... recently Kadai kutty singham enna cinemayude reviewil ...nammade Baradwaj Rangan oru kaariyam mention cheythirunu .... the film focused on the importance of agri farming and goes on and on about tamil culture , soil and stuff but when it came to the heroine they chose to cast a mumbai girl and darkened her skin ignoring the many tamil speaking dusky heroines in the industry. Later he wrote a piece on this hypocrisy of tamil cinema ...oru vashathu karruppu thaan enakku pudicha coloru ennu paadi ...tamil panpaadu aghishikum ....maru vashathu tamanna/amy jackson pole remotely polum tamizhachi allathe nadimaare valiya star akum .... I never understood why someone like Amy Jackson get cast in indian roles when she clearly looks foreigner ...its ridiculous ...
    yuvaakale swapnam kanaan prerippikkum.... jeevitham ennaal tamizhum jeevithasakhi ennaal foreignum...

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    "I have not given any hit film. Whatever films I have done should be banned and no one watches it. Most of the time, I pretend I have Alzheimer's and I don't remember my film career and it makes me happy that ways," - Twinkle Khanna during book launch.

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    manmarziyan getting good reviews
    Huge fan of Lalettan!
    My ratings for last 5 Lalettan movies:
    * 07/18 - Neerali - 2.5/5
    * 10/17 - Villain - 2.5/5
    * 08/17 - VP - 2.5/5
    * 04/17 - 1971 - 2.5/5
    * 01/17 - MVT - 2/5

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